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The story of Everyman Essay

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Every human being is destined to have something in their lives, as a matter of fact, there were great expectations in everyone’s existence here on earth and it is absolutely in the hands of an individual to excel in his own abilities. Doing what is good and what is bad is an unending chronicle as we grasp the path of life. Accordingly, the life that has been given by us should be well taken good care of and it is imperative to not waste time just juggling with the fuzz of life and that is just proliferating ourselves in material things alone.

Uplifting a certain persona cannot quantify by having luxurious things at hand or achieving a great award or even have the position everyone else is dreaming of, it is about enlightenment of our inner self. To be able to make our lives lavish, we must coordinate with what our creator thought and expected of us. Indeed, it is not easy to perfectly follow his will but practically, in our own way, we can meet what is essential in our lives.

In the story of Everyman, it was very open how life should be dealt. Parallel to this, the presence of challenges that God has given us was truly an eye opener to each and every one of us.

Given death as the primary element of the challenges, it truly adds spice to the sleeping conscience that we have, “Death: Lord, I will in the world go run over all, and currently out search both great and small. Everyman will I beset that liveth beastly, out of God’s laws and dreadeth not folly”. The journey that we have to come across was not that easy but in everyman, it tremendously makes available all the possible outcomes of a person’s decision. The choices that he’ll wish to bear would reflect on what kind of future in store for him.

It was also exemplified in the story of Everyman how our present life may change instantly and at the same all the things that we possess could easily flushed away, “God: I perceive here in my majesty, how that all the creatures be to me unkind. Living without dread in worldly prosperity, of ghostly sight the people so blind, drowned in sin, they know me not for their God, and in worldly riches are all in mind”. In one way or another, we fail to comprehend the very essence of prioritizing things and we come to the point wherein we value the most the goods that we have and what we possess at the moment.

In this particular scenario, what was elucidated in Everyman was the central issue of choosing what is essential in our character. It is so important to value the life that God has given us. In addition to this, the very heartrending part of all this was the thought that when we are in our deepest part of hopelessness and despair, those we dearly expect to be with us would also be blown away by the unfortunate circumstance in our lives. What we perceived to be our friends would turn out to be just our acquaintances that in any moment they will perish.

This was another note on Everyman, that every one should have the conviction to defend what we truly believed in as well as to stand with what we have despite the challenges that comes our way. These are the real essence of the story and this was what Everyman wanted to embark within us. On the other hand, Dante’s Inferno gives us the picture of what life after death may be if we did not convey the real meaning of living on earth, “Midway upon the journey of our life, I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost” (Dante).

The detrimental factors in a person’s life would actually have an effect to the life after death. The presence of the evil forces would take effect in dealing with death and this was truly what Inferno put into words. The relation between the story of Everyman and Inferno truly depicts the essentiality of life. Differentiate what is good and evil is ultimately the focal point of both echelons. The journey of death helps us to visualize the very nature of living life to the fullest and acquiring all important facet of being good.

The upshot of what we do will absolutely continue to our life after death. The presence of the core ideas of the circle of hell would enlighten us on the threats that it could bring in a person’s personality. The central values of medieval people revolve in the religion where they are being brought up to. The norms that they posses were truly in accordance to what they believed in. The centeredness in the church was intensely practiced in this age. It was very evident on how they adhere to what their creator bequeath on them.

Thus, in this way, doing the good possible way was strictly their very nature. As regards to the creative manner of the medieval people, they still adhere to their religion. The music, the arts and even literature was purely intended to serve the church. We could clearly grasp the devotion that they have in their personalities which is extremely a positive note. The determination will be put into account as well given that they have strong adherence with their religion.

On another note, The Roman Republic focuses on their Gods which have the most powerful element. Their ultimate role is to stipulate and protect. The uncompromising set of standards that they put into account truly creates discipline to its people. Since they were not focused on a church enthusiasm, there is no formal priesthood but there is a role for the aristocrats, thus, these are the ones who set the ground for policies. Without a doubt, the exaltation of intangible moral qualities rests a demarcation line apart from the medieval set of values.

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