The Story of Daniel Pearl Essay

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The Story of Daniel Pearl

The Story of Daniel Pearl as a journalist in Dubai was very tragic. Daniel Pearl was very brave of facing those people for a interview seeking and asking information into unknown territory that leads him to a very tragic death. In the movie narrated by Mariane his wife, it has been said that his body was cut into seven pcs. though that the video of Daniel Pearl being killed by the people who kidnapped him was not shown in the movie I can imagine how hard his experience being tortured and killed of the reason of probing information to a person who is on his own territory, the Muslims knows that he is part of the CIA or some spy of USA, besides of being a Jew I suppose that’s one of the unlucky part of his short journey in Dubai. With my own opinion, I think that Daniel Pearl should not pursue that interview, because in the first place he knows that the person he wanted to interview was a dangerous person and doesn’t want a person like him or a journalist like him that leads him to be kidnapped by supporters of Omar Sheikh, though I know that Daniel Pearl only wants to seek information about Omar Sheikh but he should think first about his safety of performing that interview.

I believe that a journalist should not put his/her self or life into danger when he/she already knows that it is not safe to interview a specific group or person because it may lead to a misunderstanding and may cause a problem between the journalist and the interviewee. For me it is important to a journalist to make sure that the interviewee is harmful and knows what a journalist are capable of and especially their task that they just want to know and to write information to a specific matter, also for me a journalist should seek first or observe some of the information about the person or group he/she needs to communicate with regarding the issues about the interviewee.

The goal of a journalist is to “tell the truth and nothing but the truth” but in the situation of Daniel Pearl he told that he is a Jew that is not pleasant to the Muslims that’s why he got kidnapped and murdered by them, but on the other side of being a journalist they should always state information that are real and complete but also they need to remember that they have to keep secret the sources of confidential information not only for the safety of the source but also their safety. In order for a journalist to be a reliable source of information a journalist should do his/her best to obtain information from all possible sources, to make sure it is complete, truthful and unbiased just like what Daniel Pearl did, he interviewed different people to gather information about the certain person before he undergo an interview to avoid future conflicts. I think Daniel Pearl should introduce himself in a different way that is appropriate to the interviewee and also he should approach the interviewee well in that way I think the murdering of him will be prevented.

It doesn’t matter that he was a Jew. The race that he was born doesn’t dictate who you are, it’s the content of your character and who you are inside. He was a journalist because he wanted to put an end to this kind of foolishness, killing someone based on race can never be justified, Muslims should not be so cruel to the people that if they don’t like that person they will already kill the person. It’s not because he was a Jew that many place some of the blame for his death on him. It’s because he was a prominent Jew in the territory of the enemy looking for glory at the knowing risk of his own life. He should have been thinking of his wife and child, it is understood that he will be killed like that because of his being prominent that he is a Jew. Daniel was working for CIA and eventhough the athourities have warn him several times, he ignored.

He was looking for glory. I think he is responsible for his death because he did not think of his safety of going there and not thinking of what might happen if the Muslims will kill him and that’s the most unfortunate thing that happened to him because he become careless about his identity he is very vogue about it, just like what Mariane told in the movie he doesn’t hide that he is Jew though he doesn’t also speak about it, but if someone ask him he will not hesitate to tell the truth about identity or religion. This movie does tell us something. It’s telling us about the dangers that a jounalists face in their line of duties. Not alot of people realize how dangerous it really is sometimes to go report some news stories.

The Pakistani’s didn’t kill Daniel Pearl for fun, they did it to pay Americans back for the suffering of their people, but did the Pakistani’s take off the suffering of their people by killing lots of people who’s trying to end their conflicts and issues? for me the answer is NO their just making it more complicated and worsen the problem, the Muslims should stop this horrifying killing of people just for their own beliefs, and to avoid this kind of situation a journalist should always know what is their limitations of probing information to avoid incidence like what happened to Daniel Pearl and to the other journalist they should always think first about their safety. Also a journalist should not take part in activities or organizations which could limit the independence of his/her thinking and endanger his/her professional integrity.

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