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The story Harrison Bergeron Essay

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The story Harrison Bergeron was set in two different years in the future, 2081 and 2053. The basic story between all three works is everyone being equal and “handicapped”. Harrison is a young adult living with his parents and is taken away because he is too smart than the “average” person, which in the real world be considered dumb. He rebels against the government and shows up on television to show people how their live would be without being handicapped. At the end of every story he is shot and he dies. His family doesn’t realize what happens but all they know is that something sad had happen.

In the first film the way the future is in the year 2081. Technology is advanced and everyone is equal and handicapped. Harrison is in jail for trying to rebel against the government. He is giving propaganda to the people so they take off their handicaps. Both of his parents are wearing bands that stop them from thinking or being smart. His father is wearing weights so he is handicapped like the rest of the people. His mother is considered average. Harrison breaks out of jail and goes to a theatre that is being televised.

He has many weights and no band. He breaks his handicaps. And he starts to dance with one of the ballerinas that are there. She also takes off her handicaps. The government or people in charge try to cut the signal to all televisions. He still gets the signal with a device he had. He then start to dance to and with the girl to show the people what they can accomplish without handicaps. He is then shot by the woman in charge of the people. That event was also televised and people did not know was going on due to their band but they know something sad happen like his family.

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In the second film Harrison Bergeron it is set in 2053. The future is not so advanced. The government saw that people were happier in the 1980’s so they changed everything to that time. All people are handicapped and have bands. Harrison is the smartest in his class. He is too smart then takes a test that sends him the secret place where he then falls in love with a woman. He gets a job of taking care of what gets televised.

He then rebels because his boss hurts the woman he loves. He shows films and music of when people were still different and not handicapped. After some hours he is caught and forced to say that everything that he had sad was a lie. During his televised interview he Is admitting to lieing about what he had showed the people he shoots himself in front of everyone. Everyone’s band is tripled to not rebel also. Again his family doesn’t know what happen. All they know is that something sad has happened.

The third work is a story. The story follows the same basic story as in the films except Harrison is seven feet tall and he is better than everyone else. In all three stories Harrison is shot on t.v. and people only know that something sad has happened and not that he died. All three works follow the same story. He has a different physical appearance in all three works. He only goes to jail in the film 2081. The film 2081 is also the only work where Harrison find a girl he likes. The story and film 2081 are set in 2081.

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