The Steps in Properly Planting a Tree

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Is there really a way to do something “absolutely wrong”? After all everything that we do, good or bad in some sort of way helps our growth and development. But if we were to call wrong steps that could have been done or taken in a different order then maybe it is fair to use the word. In fact, not only doing things in the right order is necessary but it could be crucial in the result of whatever is you are doing.

Such is the case with planting trees, it is certainly important to take the right steps as well as using the right tools and clothes otherwise the seedling will get ruined, the planter will be throwing away money and might lose his favorite pair of pants. The person about to plant might want to use an old knit shirt and a worn out pair of pants since he obviously will be bending down on the ground. If it is only a seedling it is fine to use normal, non-white clothes but several trees may take a while in the floor and unless he’s willing to spend a great deal of money on laundry, replacing the damaged clothes or just won’t care to throw it away I wouldn’t recommend doing so.

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For those who are poor-like me- and care for their precious clothes then here are some advices: NEVER wear white, it doesn’t matter if it’s only the sweater, the stain will be nearly impossible to take out.

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Short pants are not a good idea either since there are small stones in the soil and the one bending on the floor may bruise his knees and finally the darker the clothes the better. Tools are important as well and they can help get the nicest spot ready for your tree yet it’s necessary not to confuse them with nurturing. As for me I rather to use my own two hands, it gives me a feel of the ground and when I’m done the sensation of completion is wonderful. Most experts use small shovels to make the holes for their trees, they make sure the soil is adequate and mainly fertilize the ground before planting.

I don’t dislike shovels, without them I’d have gotten my hands hurt; however, for the rest it only feels right to use my bare hands. For the right uses of the tools I understand that as long as the plant is protected there’s no need to worry how they are used. Something that must be kept in mind, however, is that the plant has specific moments for irrigation and that overwatering it may only give it displeasure. People tend to believe that plants need to be watered all the time and while they may need water in a regular basis is not good to irrigate them many times a day, especially when it refers to plants that grow among water.

The most important thing when about to plant is to find good soil, this process is much easier when guided by an expert but a good planting ground is normally very moisturous. It is also recommended that the land has been fertilized previously but a normal space can work as well. The second step is to make a nice big hole, leaving for a medium size seedling as much space as if there were to be placed two tennis balls. People usually make the mistake to rush, ignoring whether the hole they’ve dug is big enough because they’re desperate to get the process over with.

However, that’s the most important clue to planting trees: taking things slowly. When the hole is dug and spacious then the planter can proceed to get the seedling off its bag. This person has to be careful as not to disjoin any of the soil in which the seedling has been from the moment it was prepared being that the roots may result damaged. Once it has been off the plastic the seedling can be put in its place and the hole be filled with plenty of soil. Making sure it is in a proper position is essential, for alternatively the plant will only die and the effort will go to waste.

Plants and humans are very similar, for planting a mistake can be detrimental but for life I don’t believe it is so much. That is the way we grow, life is a trial and error process and from it we can become good individuals. The health of a plant is not too different, a good settlement and nurture can help it grow though the circumstances in its environment will always influence the final result.

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The Steps in Properly Planting a Tree

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