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The State of Michigan: An Overview Essay

The state of Michigan located on the eastern north-central vicinity of the United States is considered as the 3rd largest state of the Mississippi River and conceivably one of the largest and most populated states in the country.  Bordered along the North and the East of Ontario, Canada; the state consists vast islands with a boundary length of over 1,763 mi plus a total freshwater shoreline of 3,121 mi.  Further, this state inhabited with several American Indians, Eskimos and Aleuts which are conceived to be the active tribal organizations and cultures in the state, hence declaring the fact that the leaders of the country were shared with the blood of the natives of the state venturing back on the later centuries or on the advent of the civil war.

            Moreover, the state comprises three parts of the government namely the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.  This is because the state aims to uphold democracy and fairness in justice in the aspects of their laws as well as with the implementation of such so as to keep the peace, order and collaboration among the government and its people.  Additionally, unlike the other pioneering states in America, Michigan’s government is led by a woman governor in the person of Jennifer M. Granholm—consequently the 47th governor of the state—and a Lieutenant governor, on the authority of John D. Cherry Jr.

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They compose the executive branch of the government along with the Secretary of the State and the Attorney General.  This form of system in performing suffrage has been implemented since the year 1994 through an amendment in the constitution.  Thus the legislative department of the state during its first legislature in Detroit—comprises 16 senators and 50 representatives.  However, in the contemporary schema, the house consist 110 state representatives and 38 senators aided to vote for their own respective districts.

            The issue on economics and employment has never left the table of the government officials in the state that it consistently seeks for new means to render a more efficient and innovative approach in solving the problems of the masses.  Given the fact the Michigan, or MI, is located in an area near the prowess of civilization in the international arena, the length of expectation in providing better services for its people is far more better than the other states which are geographically remote from the center of commerce and excellence.

With this, the manifested main problem in the state falls on the grounds of employment and global competitiveness, since then the government allots much of their revenue on the basis of job employment augmentation—like No Worker Left Behind Policy—as well as with strengthening the manpower or the human resource of Michigan through the aide of professional workshops and job opportunities which will open the doors to international excellence.

            Despite the fact that the education diagram of the state is cited to be poor and fluctuating in excellence in the previous decades, the state never stops in enhancing and developing their cited problems so as to keep its residents in a social disposition where their children shall be given the key to lifting the financial state of the family.

The government, through the help of successful professionals, seek for guidance in every policy made and sees to it that every policy, before it is implemented, has undergone critical deliberations and coherent and logical analysis on the feasibility of such which will then help aide not only on the educational standards of the state but to include development in fields such as health, environment, safety and security, travel and recreation—all these tantamount to the dream of providing quality service among its people and to the future generations of the residents in Michigan (“Michigan Ecitizens”).

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