The Start Of World War Two Essay

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The Start Of World War Two

Evacuation for many people was a mixed experience; you had you either ended up in a comfortable environment (rare) or you ended up with not the best of times. But the questions is not whether evacuees enjoyed their experience, it is a case of why they were evacuated. In this piece of writing I am going to inform you of the reasons as to why children were evacuated and the reasons behind this process. In 1936, the London Council decided to plan ahead for the evacuation process by having air raid precautions begin at such an early stage.

The main reason for this will have been the fact that this sort of system will have been very new to everyone in the city and they had to get it right in time in case of any early bombings; war was beginning to look very likely in the future. Also in 1936, going to see a film was a very popular thing to do; therefore cinema audiences saw a Newsreel film of the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War by Germans.

Many people who would have seen the films of Guernica may have thought that this was the time the government had chosen to start precautions therefore the government had to start their planning. The people now realised just what they might be facing in the future from the Germans in the very near future. In 1938, the government made an approximation of around 10,000 casualties per raid to prepare for the amount of hospitals, beds etc would be needed. The truth of the matter is that this was nowhere near the figure the amount of casualties per air raid as only around 60,000 people were killed in air raids.

Also, many organisation were set up in preparation for the war to do certain things as count the actual number of people who would be involved, people who would provide transport and also people who would provide billets: this is just a few of the organisations that were set up in preparation… But firstly I am going to have to give the reason as to why the British government do so much planning for the start of the war. Well, there is one simple answer for this – vulnerability. People were uneducated as to what would happen to them in the future and people needed educating as to what would be going on.

People mainly needed to know how air raids would work, how many casualties to expect, what to do in a dramatic situation and what to do during a gas attack. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, there were lots of precautions taken including using cinema, drawing up plans for death amounts and practicing air raids in certain places. People had to be educated early to be that bit more prepared for the future and what to do when things happen. The basic idea was the more organised/prepared we were for the war effort the better the chance we had of actually defeating the Germans…

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