The Stages of the Hero's Journey

The Hero’s journey is a change that a normal person takes to become a hero. It has a set pattern of events taking place and the journey forms the basic template for all the stories and folklore that have been narrated since the beginning of time. From very original bedtime stories to traditional and popular fiction, the protagonist’s journey is the path the story’s narrator takes. The journey is best described in a book called The Hero with a Thousand Faces written by Joseph Campbell.

In my chosen movie “Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope”, This is Lakes, “Call to Adventure”, which starts as a departure as the hero on his journey. The Initiation is similar to Campbell’s since the Initiation is a series of tests or tasks, that the individual has to endure to commence the transformation.

In the case of George Lacuna’s “Star Wars: A New Hope”, the person, Luke Jaywalker, goes through two difficult tests.

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As the first check to Lake’s initiation, he has to strive to use the pressure by defending himself with his mild saber while he is trapped. He succeeds in this test after a couple of tries, passing his first test, but towards the end of the film, Luke is brought to the mission of destroying the death star, which he passes very well. These two challenges helped Jaywalker pass his “initiation” toward saving the universe, which clearly describes the closing factors of “The Hero’s Journey” and the return.

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After destroying the demise Star, Luke flies back to base and is greeted by everyone. Further, in the movie, he receives a medal for his courageous acts, that symbolize Lake’s return, but he is no longer returning for his journey. Luke Jaywalker’s trip forces him to face challenges, make decisions, and be the satisfactory he can be and alongside the way Luke’s movements match the factors of the “Hero’s Journey”.

Luke starts off from his journey in the Ordinary World of moisture farming on the wilderness planet Tatooine. Here Luke is only a baby when he complains about these power converters.

Luke’s name to journey comes when he finds a message stored in R2-D2 and Initially, Luke refuses the name to join the revolt and store Princess Leia. When R2-D2 runs off, he desires to get back the droid extra because he would not desire to be in a hassle than a feeling of duty.

After discovering his domestic burned and his household murdered, Luke returns to Obi-Wan and says, “There’s nothing for me here now. He truly wishes to research the methods of the Force and end up a Jedi like my father.” Luke has agreed to receive Obi-Wan as a mentor who will inform him of the subsequent stage on his journey.

Luke leaves domestic and crosses the threshold of his experience in the structure of Mos Eisley spaceport. Luke stops and stares at all the undertaking in the Cantina and doesn’t comprehend how to handle himself when a pig-nosed hooligan selection a fight. Luke is out of his element, however, Obi-Wan’s coaching and Luke’s dedication to the trip see him through.

On the way, Luke makes several preparations for the difficulties ahead as Obi-Wan starts off evolved teaching him about the Force and how to wield a lightsaber.

However, they don’t make it to Alderaan. They discover the planet has been destroyed and changed with the Inmost Cave, a region of chance and conflict, represented by the Death Star. Fear and doubt return to Luke in the face of such a reputedly insurmountable obstacle. In his words, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Luke emerges from his ordeal as a more mature person and his reward isn’t a sword, but instead, Obi-Wan already gave him that but he does be part of the insurrection as just a pilot, instead, he just as he wished back on Tatooine. As a bonus, he skips all the pupil debt he would have accrued going to the Academy and he is then ready for the final section of his journey.

At this point in the film, the hero commonly begins his journey again to the everyday world from the beginning. Luke starts off much more evolved in this stage as well and is not heading back to Tatooine. Instead, his regular world is one except the Empire and the threats of the Death Star. As such, Luke’s avenue returned requires that he be part of the riot offensive and smash the Death Star and at this stage, Luke had to also pick out between his needs and the higher accuracy of the rebellion.

In conclusion, the final stage of the hero’s journey in which he returns to his ordinary world to the home of him being a changed man. He developed as a person, learned many things, faced many terrible dangers and even death, but now looks forward to the beginning of a new life. His return could bring new hope to those he left behind, a direct solution to his problems, or perhaps a new approach to all.
Ultimately, Luke succeeds in destroying the Death Star thanks to an at-the-buzzer keep by Han Solo and while Luke is not bodily reborn here, but instead makes a big change.

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The Stages of the Hero's Journey

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