The stages in some types of storms (hurricane) Essay

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The stages in some types of storms (hurricane)

A hurricane is a wheather system that is usually described as a funnel of warm wet air, when warm moist air rises and encounter with the cooler air, it causes the warm water vapor to condense and form rain drops and dark clouds. Most hurricanes that occur in the Atlantic develops off the west coast of Africa. Hurricanes begins as thunderstorms which moves out over the warm tropical ocean water. There are three stages in forming a hurricane, tropical depression stage, the tropical storm stage and finally the hurricane.

The first stage is called the tropical depression. In this stage an organized yet sustained thunderstorm with swirling clouds, rain, and wind speed of less than 38 miles per hour (mph). Sustained winds are normally classified as winds that persist for at least one minute in duration.

Then with wind speed of 39-73 mph it becomes a tropical storm and a name is given to it. Tropical storms may evlove into a hurricane. This is also where the eye and eye walls of the storm are being created. Tropical storms can cause server damages to property and human as well. Death may occur depending on the storms position.

With winds up to 200 mph and up to 600 miles across, finally a hurricane has formed. Believe it or not, hurricanes does an important job, it moves the heat from warm climate to cooler temperature zone. It may also take from hours to days to form a hurricane.

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