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The staff at Greengables Essay

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This would make a client feel emotionally upset and unwanted, the client might feel they are not important and could withdraw themselves from activities within Greengables because they do not want to be humiliated. The sixth care value is promoting effective communication and relationships, Greengables try to make sure that clients are comfortable with their environment of the nursing home and ask their opinion, they have to understand the clients needs, fears and wishes. The clients always have time to communicate between one another, they do not have to but they have the choice.

They also ensure the clients have relationships and time to bond with staff. Greengables overcome this care value by employing confident staff who are willing to talk to clients and make strong, trusting relationship, the clients have time all day everyday to make relationships it is just their choice to do so. If a care worker was to ignore the clients needs, fears or wishes or if the client struggled to talk the same language as the care worker and was ignored because the care worker didn’t bother attempting to communicate with the client this care value wouldn’t be followed. This could result in a client feeling they don’t have to be sensitive to others or respect others opinions and feelings; they might lower in self-esteem.

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The seventh care value is providing individualised care, Greengables respect the clients’ thoughts, they treat all the residents as individuals and make sure each clients individual needs are cared for. For example, if a client needed a wheelchair because they could not walk, Greengables would provide this one client with a wheelchair unless someone else needed one and not give all the clients a wheelchair. It is vitally important that the clients have control over their lives just with the extra help on things they struggle with. In a kitchen it would be a lot easier for the catering staff to make one thing but this is not following the seventh care value; the kitchen should make certain foods for people with religious beliefs and certain foods for those who are allergic or need to be on a certain diet. This could result in the client feeling un-catered for and that they do not matter.

If the care value base was not used at all, the clients that used the services at Greengables could tell their families, who could remove the client from the nursing home and into another meaning Greengables wouldn’t receive as much money as they need or want and it wouldn’t reach the standards that the government want and could be shut down until improved. The care value base is important because it prevents abuse and keeps the service to suitable standards.

At Black Firs Playgroup the care value base is approached in a slightly different way. The clients at Black Firs Playgroup are children therefore they have to learn about building relationships with people and might not have the knowledge to tell someone about abuse. Staff at Black Firs Playgroup would be looking for physical damage, a change in mood or a change in noticeable emotional feeling of the child. The children could be abused by parents or other people at home or could be bullied by other children, which isn’t as likely because they are a bit young.

The children are less likely to be verbally abused than the older residents at Greengables because some children will not understand hurtful words for example. Both the clients from a nursing home and a nursery are at a vulnerable age because younger people take more explaining and understanding and older people are frail. At Greengables the staff would be looking for physical abuse, a change in mood and contribution to things or psychological abuse. This abuse could be from other clients, their family who visit or the care workers. The staff at Greengables have more chance of getting told or confided in by a client because they already know how to make relationships but might struggle to speak etc after a stroke for example.

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