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The Speckled Band Essay

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Our task involves doing an essay on the similarities and differences of three detective fiction stories: The Speckled Band, A Scandal In Bohemia and The Dancing Men all written by the magnificent Arthur Conan Doyle. The genre of these particular stories is all based on Crime/detective. All three stories have the same type of structure although the contents are different. Even though the contents are different, the way they are organised is similar because they are detective stories we should expect similarities between them.

Despite the different characters the crime and action in all three is similar. In all three stories there is the same central character Sherlock Holmes-the detective and his great friend Dr John Watson-the first narrator. Helen Stoner approaches Sherlock Holmes about the murder of her sister the night before she was duo to get married. Holmes investigates the cause of death. A Scandal In Bohemia The king of Bohemia comes to see Holmes about a valuable photo, which he needs to get hold of before it ruins his life.

The Dancing Men

Hilton Cubitt approaches Holmes with a problem; him and his wife are being sent childish drawings of dancing men. Holmes investigates further. The exposition in all three stories has many similarities and differences. There are many similarities I notified in the exposition of these stories, one of which was the dates e. g. in The Speckled Band -“Early April in the year ’83” Scandal In Bohemia-“one night-20th March, 1888”. Although the dates are given in two of the stories, I have realised that in The Dancing Men no specific dates are given.

This emphasizing a difference in the exposition. In all three stories Dr John Watson is the first (person) narrator and Holmes is always introduced by him. For example in The Speckled Band-“In glancing over my notes over the seventy odd cases in which I have during the last eight years studied the methods of my dear friend Sherlock Holmes”. The Dancing Men-“Holmes had been seated for some hours in silence with his long, thin back curved over a chemical vessel in which he was brewing a particularly malodorous product”. A Scandal In Bohemia “To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman”.

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