The Solution of Crime in the United States Essay

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The Solution of Crime in the United States


A crime is a serious offense against the public law. It is a problem that many countries throughout the world face today. It is not solely an economic concern but it’s a reflection of society’s political and economical issues. In order to find a solution to this problem you must understand a countries political history and what was the role that politics played in its historical economy. For example; in the United States of America the economy is politically motivated by those that are rich and those that are in power. Throughout these few pages I will focus on a few topics that can reduce the crime within the United States only if the political sector of the country would take a closer look at those deteriorated social issues that exist.

We will focus mainly on the importance of our educational system, and the lack of resources given to the social institutions that are in charge of developing and evolving in an educated society with less crime. Throughout the history of the United States there have been several depressions where there have been extremely high rates of unemployment. During these depressions the crime rate also went up extremely high. Meaning that there is a perfect correlation between crime and unemployment. Moreover in this paper we will briefly discuss it.

It will discuss how an increase in education can reduce crime rate and how because of the lack of employment crime increases and therefore other factors arise such as corruption, drugs, and poverty. Some may argue that for these social ills an increase in the laws penalties would reduce the crime rate. Furthermore, I will present charts that will inform people that it is economically inefficient to do such a thing. Not only is it economically inefficient but as a result the most affected sectors are the ghettos which is where members of the minority groups live because of social, legal or economic pressure.

Increased Education

Education is the action or the process to develop ones mental and moral skill. It is one of the most determinate factors for the reduction of crime in any society; it is the level and the amount of resources given to educational institutions because education is essential to the development of society. It is very important that both political and economical agents concentrate on education if they’re ever serious about a reduction in crime.

When a person is educated there is a less chance of them committing a crime due to the fact that they are more aware of the consequences and are more likely to have positive thoughts. Education will open up more doors to better jobs, and give individuals better problem solving skills when faced with social problems. Although there is a concern within this factor one would have to go forward with the different levels of resources within the different schools. For example; a public school compared to a private school will not have the same level of resources. Therefore there would be certain discrepancies which are economically and socially motivated.

Increased Employment opportunities

Another factor in decreasing the crime rate is to provide adequate and fulfilling employment. As mentioned before when a country faces high unemployment the crime rate tends to increase. The agenda of the political leaders should be to place a halt on the different corporations that outsource their labor. Outsourcing is done in order to maximize profit by evading environmental laws and the reducing labor cost. A perfect example of this would be the unemployment rates in Flint, Michigan from 1990 to 2004. These came from the effects suffered because of general motors large amount of job cuts and moving their companies to other countries. With these high unemployment rates came high crime rates. These and more facts can be seen in the movie Roger and Me by Michael Moore.

(Source, 1).

Now the ruthless nature of these corporations in which’s backbone is built by these workers long hours of labor and dedication are only left behind stranded for cheap labor abroad. I feel the government should regulate or impose penalties and restrictions on these corporations which so viciously leave behind small towns like Flint who are dependent on those corporations in order to support their families. These are some reasons why people find themselves surrounded by the harsh reality of low employment and high rates of crime. And it will continue to go on as long as corporations like General Motors and others continue to view humans as commodities.

Reducing Corruption

Corruption is to make evil, something or someone. In order to solve crime corruption must be eradicated in all sectors of the country whether having to be involved in education, employment, corporations, politics, or even electoral. One must eliminate this in order to reduce crime because although they are within the higher sectors it is still a crime and most of the time they are more severe then any crime committed within the public sectors. It is not fare that although these crimes are very serious the offender still doesn’t suffer the severe punishment that someone who is less fortunate would. A great example for this situation would be Martha Stewart who was found guilty of two counts of lying to investigators, of conspiracy with a broker to hide the truth about her stock transaction and the obstruction of justice. These counts arise for her selling 3800 shares of personal stocks in ImClone avoiding a potential a large amount of money lost by selling the day before. As a result Martha Stewart received the penalty of only six months incarcerated and six months under house arrest. This penalty I feel was not sufficient enough for such a crime.

Reducing Drug Use

The solution to crime in the United States begins with the eradication or control of drugs in the country. Drugs are a very important issue which must be dealt with if a country would want to reduce its crime. The reasons why this is true stems from the very nature that drugs are substances that causes an addiction (cocaine, marijuana, heroin, or crack), which in turn causes a change in ones mental status or psychological dependency. As a result to this addiction one would go as far as robbing, hurting, or even killing someone in order to receive the substance that they are addicted to. Once a person is on a mental status it is unknown what crime that person is able to commit. “It has been noted that over 30% of prisoners admit to being under the influence when they committed the crime. And over half admit to being on drugs a month prior to the offense.” (Source, 5). Because of these severe consequences a more serious approach should be taken by the government in order to reduce the entry of these drugs from other countries. One of the places in which drugs is most visible and has had its most prominent effect has been the ghetto urban communities in which the crime rates are higher.

Reducing Poverty

Poverty is when the society doesn’t have access to adequate health care, developed schools or the essential social benefits in a society because of this many in poverty don’t get to enjoy the benefits of life. When one hears crime they are quick to think of poverty because most crimes are committed due to poverty. One can see statistically that poverty only contributes to crime. Poverties harshness’s are more visible in the ghetto urban communities where members of the minority groups live because of social, legal or economic pressure. As you can see in the graph below black males have a percent of about 12.25% within the general population and have a number of about 47.01% inside the inmate population. Whites have a high percent of about 83.9%within the general population and have a number 48.21% inside the inmate population. Although whites have a higher percent of prisoners it is only because within the general population there’s 1 male black to every 6 white males. In order to head off seriously about crime something must be done about poverty.


(Source, 4)

Population % of Pop # of Inmates % Inmate Population Rate/100,000 U.S. Residents Rate /100,000 of @ Race

Whites 208,704,000 83.9 34,3550 48.21 138.13 164.611

Blacks 30,483,000 12.25 33,4952 47.01 134.67 1,098.816

American Indians 2,065,000 0.83 5,994 0.84 2.41 290.266

Asians 7,458,000 3.0 2,480 0.35 .99 33.25

Total 248,709,873 99.98 68,6976 96.41 276.22 N/A

Increase in the Laws Penalties

Some may argue that for these social ills an increase in the laws penalties and building more prisons would reduce the crime rate. But in my opinion I feel it would be economically inefficient due to the fact that the expenditure of one inmate to be incarcerated in a state prison is an expense of about $15,586 per year. Not only is this fee in excess of cash but it can be used wisely for other purposes. For example; the fee can be used to build schools and send children to private schools in order to receive a better education. Being that the fee to send a child to any private school is only $10,000 per year or a simple voucher of $3,000 per student per year would give more families the option of sending their children to non-government schools. Not only would this help children receive a better education but as we discussed before it would open up more doors in life for them. I feel that by doing such thing would be taking steps to solving a crime before it occurs. (Sources, 2 and 3).


In conclusion although crime cannot be completely eradicated there are steps that can be taken to reduce it substantially. These steps have been discussed in the above paragraphs. But one has to wonder the political and economical agenda of those in power, that neglect those programs or solutions that would provide better social resources for those who need it most. This correlation between poverty and crime can only be reduced in societies social programs/benefits are given a greater emphasis.







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