The Soloist: Doing What we Love Essay

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The Soloist: Doing What we Love

One day a LA Times journalist named Steve Lopez was looking for a story. He ends up going to the park, where he finds this homeless man playing on his violin and it sounding remarkable. He starts talking to him and wants to do a story on this homeless man, named Nathaniel Ayers. In the movie “The Soloist,” as Steve starts finding more about Nathaniel, and Nathaniel finds out more about Steve, they unexpectedly become friends. Nathaniel helps out Steve by giving topics to write about and Steve helps Nathaniel by putting him back on the right path. Steve and Nathaniel are similar and different in so many ways. Some ways are passion, lifestyle, and loyalty.

Steve and Nathaniel have a similarity of passion in this movie. Both characters love what they do. Steve has the passion to get a story and make sure it will be a good topic. Nathaniel I feel has more of a passion than Steve. Nathaniel has the passion to plays music, and feels like he cannot live without music. He even drew lines on his arm so he can always be practicing. Steve’s passion and Nathaniel’s passion, causes both characters to become close to one another and become friends.

Steve and Nathaniel live two different lifestyles. Steve is a LA Times writer that just went through a divorce. It just so happens that his ex-wife is his boss, and he also lives in a house by himself. Nathaniel is a homeless man that lives in a tunnel. All he does is play music. The reason why he plays music in a tunnel with car traffic is because the music echoes, and when the birds fly it sounds like a crowd applauding.

During the movie you notice the loyalty between Steve and Nathaniel. For instance, Steve gave Nathaniel a cello and trusted him to take good care of it. However he wanted Nathaniel to play at LAMP. Steve waited for hours and Nathaniel never showed up. Until the next day when Steve gets a call from the owner telling him to come see what was happening. The owner was referring to Nathaniel’s music, bringing everyone in the building together to listen to him play. Also, Steve got an apartment for Nathaniel, to help him get back on his feet.

The passion, lifestyle, and loyalty brought Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Ayers to become best friends. These similarities and differences show that both characters have a huge heart. Steve was trying his best to help Nathaniel in life. He tried to have everyone hear him play, tried to get him checked out for schizophrenia, and got him an apartment. Nathaniel made Steve realize that life isn’t about having money, but doing what makes you happy. He also brought Steve and his ex-wife back together. In the beginning Steve was trying to help Nathaniel get his life together, but in the end I feel Nathaniel got Steve’s life together.

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