The Solar System And The Earth Essay

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The Solar System And The Earth


The motion of the sun can trigger earthquakes. The solar flares also have the capability of altering the length of the day. There exists a correlation between solar activities and weather. There is a correlate between various geophysical phenomena, volcanic eruption, earthquake, solar activities and the length of the day.

DYNAMICS OF A PHOTON                                                                                                   

 “Photons are often described as “wavelets” because a single photon covers only a very small amount of space” ( .A photon of light is produced when light from a source (sun, etc) of an appropriate frequency (threshold frequency) impinges on the atom or metal surface, a phenomenon referred to as the photoelectric effect. The light impinging on the metal surface could be UV or infrared rays of appropriate frequency.

 The number of emitted electron varies from one atom to the other due to the difference in the characteristics intensity of light. The more the intensity of the light, the more the number of emitted electron or photon of light. Another reason for the difference in the amount of photon of atoms in the periodic chart is due to the difference in the mass.The heavier the atom, the more the no emitted electron.In the same vein the energy of the emitted electron depends on the frequency of the impinging light rays.


 Infrared rays and radio waves carry less energy per photon than visible light. They have low frequency and high wavelength. On the contrary, UV rays, x ray and gamma rays have high frequency and low wavelength. All travel at the same speed as light. The difference lies in the difference in the wavelength .X rays have found their use in medicine as they penetrate human body. Radio waves have weak penetrating power. Visible light can pass through transparent objects e.g. glass.


        Today it’s been possible to determine the chemical composition of the stars. The valuable tool to do this is via spectroscopy (i.e. the study of a thing using spectra) .Astrophysics and spectroscopy are closely related. “Astrophysics is the aspect of astronomy that deals with the physical properties of stars, galaxies and other astronomical objects” (Astrophysics on .Sunlight can be separated into its various colors via a prism. Dark lines in the spectrum indicate areas with little or no light. On the earth similar line could be seen with hot gases spectra. These patterns correspond to specific element.

The chemical elements in the sun which is mainly hydrogen are also found on planet earth. The vast similarities in the absorption line of sun and the stars lead to the conclusion that the stars composed majorly of helium and hydrogen with traces of other elements. So many information is revealed by the absorption line pattern of stars. A large domain of stellar spectra contains absorption lines .

The star must be made up of an outer part which is less dense, cooler and atmospheric and also the inside must be hot and denser and produces a continuous spectrum. The temperature of the earth is inversely proportional to the distance from the earth’s centre. Stars lack molten interior as opposed to what is observed in other planets. The denser part is also gaseous because of the high temperature. From EM spectrum it appears to us as if the stars (and sun, planet and moon) rotates around us. On a daily basis, it arises in the east and set in the west. This is the diurnal motion.

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