The Organizational and Operational Plan describes how you will structure your company and how you will carry out everything you present elsewhere in your business plan. Without an execution strategy, the rest of your plan is meaningless (Fontinelle, 2017). Operations refer to how a nonprofit will carry out their business, they know their daily activities and how they would give efficient and effective services. Below are key components that we can use externally for operations plans.

Growing Prosperous Children Youth Center has three programs for mentoring and they are as follows: Trendsetters is the vital program of Growing Prosperous Children.

This program will cater to the at-risk middle students in which they will take part in a structured program of support with their mentors. This program will include an energizing retreat, with a six-month program that includes team building and group activities. Although, the program will end when the kids’ graduate, the mentor, and the students will stay in contact for the next few months.

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The One-eighty program will focus on students who continuously getting suspended from middle or high schools. The goal for this program will be to encourage the children to recommit to their learning and being confident they will continue to succeed in class. We strongly believe that by empowering youth to finish school, we can help improve their success in their future careers. Finally, the No Bullies Allowed program will focus on children in elementary to high school experiencing bullying and need a comforting hand. If the students want, they can have lunch with a mentor until they feel safe, which could last until the end of the school year.

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Staffing is a vital piece of the Youth Center because our staff are more than just employees, they are mentors and role models who will help young people navigate adolescence. Having a small ratio of 1 staff to every 20 youth is important to make sure that staff members can interact with everyone on site. In addition to that, we will have an ample number of volunteers on site as tutors, workshop leaders, and mentors. All staff members and volunteers will receive ample training on asset-based youth development. Growing Prosperous Children’s management team will consist of the Founder and the Executive Director. Also, there will be a team of program professionals and managers ahead of fundraisers to make sure their programs that they manage grows properly; however, the following below will be a summary of the organizational structure, who they are, their qualifications and what their responsibilities will be.

The organization’s founder is Kendra Moore, she was raised by her mother in a poverty-ridden city in Indiana. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood development and used her life experiences to inspire the youth to become aspiring leaders. The executive director is Rashida Moore, who graduated with her Master’s in Business Administration, who has worked in the business field for over five years. She has always believed to build leaders of our future, and to do all we can to help elevate our youth. Anita Spates, who also has a background in finance, will be the grant coordinator whose main duty will be to manage the overall grant efforts. The most crucial part of her job would be to find possible contributions from some government agencies, and foundations to meet the organization’s financial and operational needs. Also, she will handle (GPC’s) daily operations to ensure the staff is efficient and effective in their daily tasks. The organization’s volunteers and mentors will be a huge value to Growing Prosperous Children. Volunteers will be pillars of their communities that save money, increase contact with their communities and give excellent service to their youth. However, mentors, will be screened to see if they can enhance the personal aspects of the relationship with the student, while their role stimulates career advancement.

For any organization, they will have a risk of their reputations being tarnished, so reputation management is essential to prevent someone from bringing negative attention to your brand. When your company uses social media, your staff might cause the risk of negative publicity. For instance, you might meet legal issues if someone from their organization comments something that is inappropriate that is towards another organization.

Organizations will create an approval process involving a qualified leader for any social media post or communication. As a result, will not let any staff or volunteers have full control because their inexperience may cause irreparable damage. Growing Prosperous Children and efficient operations are important because with this organization we will do more for less. This means that we will use the greatest value out of every dollar donated by spending as little as we can to deliver quality services and support for our causes. And that means you end up reaching more people, doing more good, and, as a bonus, having an easier time raising future funds. While, considering the location for Growing Prosperous Children there were many factors to think about. We’ve looked at various properties in Northwest Indiana and Lake County. We were fortunate to find our needs with the first site we visited, it was the former Woodmar Mall vacancy at 2931 N Catalpa Drive. For the youth center, we chose the site by making sure the youth will have ease of access and is within walking distance of two schools Block Jr. High School and E.C. Central High School. Additionally, the location is close to low-income housing on Broadway Street and will be used for many events and marketing campaigns.

On another note, one of the first economic aims of the organization is to raise enough money to meet its operating expenses. These might include staffing needs, rent, utilities, insurance, furniture, computers, and the other normal expenses of running a business. For instance, with their social media campaign, we will use volunteers, mentors, and staff to make sure the campaign is successful. Moreover, to gain donors, volunteers or mentors we will use social media. Now, for the social media campaign, we will goal ourselves to reach 100,000 by January 2019. However, not all the money the organization raises goes toward administration or service. Growing Prosperous Children will also have a goal of creating an endowment, which is creating a financial account that generates interest each year to fund charitable activities. The dollar amount for the endowment will be $1 million dollars and once it is fully funded we will set an annual spending aim for interest earned. The social media fundraising campaign will start on June 4, 2018 and will end on January 14, 2019.


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Updated: Jun 06, 2022
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