The Social Issues of Racism Essay

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The Social Issues of Racism

Racism, by its true definition, has existed since the beginning of time and it can be defined purely as conflicts in social issues through the ramifications of discrimination. Dictionaries, for the most part, are not much help in understanding what the true meaning of the word is. There in its self is where the greatest conflicts lie. “They usually define it as the belief that one’s own ethnic background or race is superior to others, or as the belief that culture and behavior are rooted in race”. Taken from “What is Racism? ” By Thomas Jackson vol. II, No. of American Renaissance.

Racism, in any entity, creates such strong social conflicts among groups of people that there have been wars, bloodshed and major family battles over issues pertaining to the symbolic interactionism to the opposition. “Thus, the interactionist theorist sees humans as active, creative participants who construct their social world, not as passive, conforming objects of socialization, but as organized and patterned interactions among individuals . ” Taken from “Symbolic Interactionism” by Max Weber (1864-1920) and that is how individuals create he structural functionalism that exists with in their own societies.

Racism has become, in its own right, a national obsession. Universities have become on full alert for it, newspapers and politicians denounce and campaign against it, often religions preach about the bad or the good of it, The United States is said to be consumed with it. We create and internalize our own reactions to it and what we teach with in the walls of our homes in the most important part of our reactions. So, how do we define racism? The guess is, it depends on your own ethnic race or background.

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