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The Smuggler Essay

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Chapter 1: A man in a hurry.

Harker was rich. He wrote a poem addressed to J.S Fame.
Ezra called him asking for something. Later, Ezra and some men with guns came to the hut and asked him many questions that he couldn’t answer, that’s why they hit him very hard.
Chapter 2: At the frontier.

Inspector Roland called the customs officers and asked them to watch Fame. After a while Fame arrived at the frontier post, he said he was crossing the frontier on business as he usually did two or three times a week, he had nothing to declare. The officers searched his car and found nothing so he got into his car and drove away.

Chapter 3: Strange meeting

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As soon as he left the frontier, Fame went to Harker´s hut in the forest. It was late. We whistled three times but there was no answer so he went inside. He didn´t see anything at first but then he noticed the shadow of a man hanging from the ceiling. It was Harker.

Chapter 4: A narrow escape

He (Fame) cut the rope and Harker fell down, there was blood om his shirt but he was not hit. There was also a broken bottle on the floor, it was obvious that he had fought with somebody before dying. Fame found the poem on the floor, it was addressed to him, it had to be a message but he couldn’t understand it. Suddenly he heard some voices and some men came into the hut, they were looking for the poem. He managed to escape through the window.

They followed him, shooting at him with their guns, but he could get into his car and drove away at high speed.


He drove to Darna to the Garden Hotel where he used to stay. He thought about Harker. He had been murdered, he read the poem again, then he decided to ring Zara and told her about Harker. She was shocked; they agreed to meet the following morning. He listened to the news on the radio and learned that the golden Egyptian head had been stolen from the museaum and Inspector Roland was investigating the case.


Fame made the copy of the poem and gave it to Zara. Zara told him to go on with their business even when Harker was dead. She ordered him to go to Don’s hide-out. Zara told Fame that Harker and Ezra (who used to be part of their hang) had argued some days before. A bald waiter with a scar came to their table and told Fame that he had a phone call. But there was nobody on the phone so he went back to the terrace but Zara was not there and the bald waiter wasn’t there either. Just then he heard an American car escaping, he ran to the edge and saw the bald waiter driving the car and Zara inside it.


Fame jumped into his car and followed the other one, he saw the car number (ZX 425) but then it disappeared; Fame went on the road because Don’s hide-out was ahead. On the side of the road he found Zara, she was pale, she had given him the poem but Fame had another copy so they didn’t worry. They went on to Don’s hide-out (sort of farm: shed/ yard/house). Don took the car to the shed and they went to the house. They told Don about Harker, he was terribly surprised. Then two cars came in, they were police cars with Inspector Roland and four big policemen in them.


The policemen searched the house. Fame and his friends knew Inspector Roland. Fame asked them what they were looking for but they didn’t answer. There were two cars in the shed, one of them had its boot locked. The policemen searched them but found nothing. One policeman was pointing his gun at them. Inspector Roland hit Fame on the face because he wanted him to talk.


Inspector Roland hit Fame, He wanted to know where the golden head of Chefren IV was hidden. He thought they were the thieves. Fame said they were not the thieves but the Inspector Roland gave him a photo of the museaum with some men surrounding the head, one of them was Harker. On the back of the photo the words C 304 MONDAY were written , it was Harker’s writing and the photo was found at Harker’s hut because someone phoned the police and told them to search that place. The Inspector didn’t know that Harker was dead because he said he hadn’t caught Harker yet. Fame knew they were suspects because they worked for Harker. Fame said that Harker had planned to steal the head on his own and they didn’t like it. He asked the Inspector to let them go and they would find Harker for him. They left Don as a hostage and left.

Chapter 10: Room 304

Zara and Fame went to get something to eat to a small restaurant, there was a car there whose plate number was “ZX 425”, it was the car where Zara had been kidnapped. While they were eating they thought that “Monday” was the day the head had been stolen, “304” was the number of a room (only the Imperial Hotel had so many rooms) and “C” was for Chefren. Suddenly the bald-headed man and his friends who had been eating near them left the restaurant, Zara and Fame followed them to Darna, to the Imperial Hotel. Fame went into the hotel and asked for the man in room 304, he wasn´t there but his friends were in room 303, the man at the reception desk told him. Fame waited for the guest of room 304 in the hotel lounge. After a while Ezra arrived and Fame left through a back door and got into the car with sara. He thought Ezra had not seen him.

Chapter 11: Return journey

The following morning Fame crossed the frontier on business again. As Harker had always said “Business should be first”. The Customs officers searched his car very carefully again, following Inspector Roland´s instructions. They were lloking for the Golden Head of Pharoah Chefren IV and spent more than an hour searching every part of the car. They found nothing with the exception of a scratch on one side, above one of the wheels that the officer thought was not there the last time he saw that car and asked if he had had a crash but as Fame said it was old and had always been there they let him go. He would come back the following day.

Chapter 12: Ambush

Twenty-four hours later he returned, his car was searched thoroughly but they didn´t even find the scratch. Fame said it had been painted. He drove of to Darna and stopped to have a coffee. There he listened to the news: Harker had been found dead, murdered. he left the cafe to Zara´s house and didn´t realize that a car followed him, then it went past him. After seeing a sign beside the road, he slowed down his car and heard a shot. Somebody was shooting his car, suddenly his windscreen broke, he put the brakes, went out and jumped the edge of the road, then he rolled down a slopr and hid some bushes. From above Ezra´s voice ordered him to come out and raise his hands.

Chapter 13: Another journey

Ezra wasn´t alone, the bald-waiter and two other men were with him, they were the same men Fame had heard at Harker´s hut. Ezra ordered Skull to repare Fame´s car and made Fame go with them in his blue car (the one that had passed him on the road). They drove to Darna through and isolated road with a few cars on it (to avoid police cars). They stopped and went into a house, Fame was locked into a celler (he and Ezra where enemies now that Harker was dead).

Chapter 14: Ezra´s place

After a while he was pulled upstairs. Ezra made questions because he wanted to know where the Head was. Ezra thought that Fame knew where it was because of the poem Harker had left him before being killed. Ezra didn´t believe that Fame couldn´t understand the poem and hit him several times and tied him again. Ezra told Fame that him and Harker had planned to steal the Head but then they argued and Harker stole the Head by himself. He got very angry and killed Harker because he didn´t want to tell me him where the Head was, he knew that the message was in the poem, when they killed Harker, they dropped the poem and Fame found it. Ezra kept on asking about the poem and hitting Fame.

Chapter 15: Escape

Fame was taken to the celler again, now he knew that Ezra and his men had killed Harker. He managed to untied his hands by rubbing the rope against an iron bed. Then he moved a chair under a window and looked through it, he saw his car, it had been mended. He waited until it was dark and escaped through a small window. Suddenly Ezra came out of the house so Fame run to his car (it had the keys) and droved away. Ezra and his men shouted and followed him in Ezra´s car.

Fame didn´t know the streets so he went into a road with no exit, then he jumped out of the car, run towards a high wall, found and opening and went through it.

Chapter 16: Trapped!

It was dark, his enemies were after him. He found another wall in the darkness, he felt a door handle, opened it and locked it after him. He was in a garden and could see a light, then accidently he knocked a pilot of boxes and felt down. Immediately he heard the voices of several policemen and Inspector Roland´s, he was at the police head-quarters.

Chapter 17: Plans

Fame was taken inside and there he told the Inspector that Ezra and his men had killed Harker because he had stolen the Golden Head, he also told him how he had escaped from them. The Inspector wanted to know where the Golden Head was. He knew Harker and his men, including Fame, where smugglers but he didn´t know what they smuggled. If Fame didn´t help him to decode the hidden message in the poem he would accuse him and his friends (Sara and Don) of stealing the head, as he had evidence against him and he also had Sara and Don.

Chapter 18: The Poem

The Inspector wanted the three of them to find down the message hidden in Harker´s poem. So he left them alone with two policemen watching them. They made several attempts: joining the first letters od each line, then the last letters and so on until the last Sara got the right way: the first letter of the first line, the second letter of the second line and so on, in this way they got “GOLA-BRIDGE”.

They didn´t want the policemen to know the message so they hit them (Sara asked for a glass of water and Fame asked one of them for help to understand a letter in the poem) and managed to escape. But they forgot the paper with the word “GOLA-BRIDGE” on the table.

Chapter 19: The Search

They took Fame car and went to Gola Bridge, once there, they read the poem again, they found out that the Head was hidden under a rock near a quarry, the poem guided them and Don helped because his father had worked in the quarry and he knew the place. When they found the Head, Fame wanted to send it to Inspector Roland, then they would go on with their bussiness. But Ezra surprised them, he wanted the Head. He and his men had guns.

Chapter 20: Shot Dead

Ezra and his men had followed them and now that he had the head he wanted to get rid of them. Ezra pointed Fame´s car to the river and made them get into it. He ordered Fame to start the engine and drive down the slope to the river, at that moment Ezra was shot by Inspector Roland and his men. Fame, then, turned his car back to the road and drove away. The Inspector let them go, now, he had the Golden Head, his men arrested Robert, Guido and Seal.

Chapter 21: A long time later

Five years later Inspector Roland was on holiday in a fishing town near the sea, having some coffee when he heard his name. It was Fame with Zara, they sat down and talked for a while. The Inspector said that the Head was in the Darna museum and Ezra´s men were out of prison living honest lives. Fame and Zara were married with children. The Inspector asked them what they used to smuggle, Fame explained that they smuggled cars, the Custom officers couldn´t find it out because they always searched inside the car but not the car itself. He used to leave with old cars and come back with new ones because in his side of the frontier the cars were cheaper. The cars were the same color, same type/make, even the same car number, but one was old and the other was new. He always drove different cars but they didn´t notice it.

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