The Smooth Transition Into Adulthood Essay

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The Smooth Transition Into Adulthood

In this research report it will be proven that in order to have a smooth transition to adulthood, the completion of developmental tasks must occur. This is a stage when parents and children must separate one another so that young adults can accept emotional responsibility for themselves. Without the co-operation of both the parents and young adult the success of this transition can be long drawn and less effective.

According to the Family Life-Cycle Theory, three developmental tasks must be mastered for this to happen. These tasks detail that; young adults must form an identity separate from that of the family of origin, young adults must develop new intimate relationship with peers outside the family and lastly young adults must make their first tentative commitment to a career or workplace role. With the co-operation of the young adult’s parent’s situations such as; parents becoming overly attached to their children and parents becoming too involved with a child’s life can easily be avoided.

If a parent becomes too heavily attached to their child, the success of the young adult’s transition into adulthood is jeopardized. This type of behavior causes negative effects on both the parent and child as the parent will have a much harder time having to let their child go at one point, this creating more emotional pain for the parent later on (Holloway, 2002). For the child, this type of attached behavior robs them of their poetical freedom. Holding the young adult back from completing the Family Life Cycle transition phases of discovering a separate identity from their parents and developing new intimate relationships (Holloway, 2002).

Creating new and different intimate relationships is an exciting part of becoming an adult. At this time in life people begin to learn what they are looking and expecting out of a potential partner (Holloway, 2002). The interference of a parent when choosing a mate limits the young adult’s choices when searching for a mate, restricting their options of exploring and discovering for what they are looking for in a mate (Holloway, 2002). A parent’s involvement within intimate relationship hinders the young adult smooth transition into adulthood as they can no longer fully complete the second stage in the Family Life-Cycle Theory of making new intimate relationships outside of the family.

In conclusion becoming an adult is a large step in any young persons life. The co-operation and support of parents and guardians is very important in ensuring a smooth transition into adulthood for the young adult. Yet it is imperative that parents allow their children to begin to develop on their own, creating a new self-identity, developing intimate relationships and making their first commitment to a job on their own.

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