The simple gift Essay

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The simple gift

“The simple gift” written by Steven Herrick is narrated in the first person in helps to gives a sense of subjective, since it has the character’s own prejudices and preferences such as “I knew it was hunger”. It engages the reader by building up the closeness with them, and allows them to delve into the mind of the characters. “The simple gift” is also written in a diary format as from the three different characters points of view, in affect to be more personal and sincerely. This is the main technique for developing our knowledge of their story, which makes us to think about the important issue and even broaden our prospective.

Readers may interest in knowing how different characters feel toward a same event has happened. “The ballad of the drover” composed by Henry Lawson is written in the third narration format, and tend to be more detached and objective in advantage of being unbiased as “he fights with failing strength”. It allows the story to sound more authentic and neutral. Figurative language provides new ways of looking at the world. It always makes use of a comparison between different things and pinots out their similarities, which could be interesting to the reader.

Personification applied in all the both texts, “the thunder growls a warning” in the “The ballad of the drover”, vividly appeals the hardship which the drover suffered. “The rocks bounce and clatter and roll and protest as being left out in this damn place”, young Billy could hear the “clatter”, means that he was in a quite place and lonely, and the slang “damn place” implies his anger where he doesn’t feel like staying anymore.

The stunning Descriptive language in effect on developing our knowledge through creates atmospheres. such as “the church is too spooky and cold”, “I’ll be frozen” to create images in the responder’s mind and giving details of young bill who was facing problem in life once he got to Bendarate, and rises readers’ sympathy in experiencing his feeling and situation.

In the “ballad of the drover”, descriptive words such as “inky black” and “fatal stream”, the concise description create a series of visual image and enhance the danger which the drover suffered, and to create climax to hold the readers to keep reading. It enables the readers to sense the misfortune.

The adverbs “stoutly” and “eerily” are used to present the drover’s was insistently struggling, and “faithful” reveals the dog’s extreme loyalty to its owner. The vivid simile in “the simple gift”, “men in suit like tired penguin” give a sense of humor to entertain the readers and imply that he enjoyed his freedom. “Men in suits” may earn a lot of money but they perhaps not enjoying what they are doing.

It suggested the theme “money isn’t everything in life” The imagery is rich in detail and possesses an ineffable quality that is part poignant and realism yet creates empathy for example “BBQ”, “dog”, and “a breeze”.

The scenes of old Bill’s happy family life that make us instantly sense his lost. It also enables the reader to experience their precarious life, bring out empathy, and perhaps be appreciated of what we have. Although there is no simile in “The ballad of the drover”, and yet in the similar ways, the other language techniques has contributed to an interesting story. They are the rhythm plain/again; he/knee gathers the stanzas into a whole poem in order to make it sounds consequent and exciting.

The repetition of certain words like “Across the stony ridges, Across the rolling plains; And…And” This gives responder a feeling that the events of the story are unfolding quite quickly and dramatically. Both of the texts unfolded through dialogue to create interest and tension. Such as “we’ve breast the bigger rivers when floods at their height, nor shall all his gutter stop us, from getting home tonight” in the “ballad of the drover”. It reveals the drover’s braveness and introduced a climax to catch the readers.

In the “simple gift”, the dialogue of Ernie appeals a sensational scene that she shows concern to the young boy Billy by offering him a free rides, food and coffee. Her kindness is shown in “keep warm”, “I‘ll teach you”. The colloquial dialogue reveals a sense of comfort and appreciation that shapes the personal quality of Ernie and to divert the readers. These dialogues help to bring the text alive and make it more accessible to others by revealing her kindness and care to others. To further suggest that giving a hand to people who need help can be very valuable and meaningful.

The used of monologue in the “The simple gift” given a significant effect on engaging the readers. It allows the readers to explore the inside world of the characters as it builds up a closeness with the readers and share their feeling with everyone. “There are men like Ernie in the world who don’t get bitter at anyone different from them, and there are other men like my dad” reveals the relationship between Billy and his father is not very well and helps to create the sympathetic tone and feeling of injustice.

Furthermore, it demonstrated that domestic violence is becoming a serious social issue in present. Although there is no monologue in “the ballad of the drover”, and yet unique language features enables the poem to become more authentic. They are the old style words like “thitherward”, “yon” , the abbreviation “o’er”, “e’er” and the Australian words “drover”, “cattle” and “homestead”. The stunning languages techniques clearly reveal the issue that people suffering difficulties to survive in the harsh Australian bush.

They are successfully present the transitional Australian spirit and the unique harsh Australian environment. “The simple gift” recurring slowly builds up of tension and release, in purpose of catching audiences’ attention when the welfare office caught Billy on the street. Tension is been raised as reader may be worried if Billy would be forced to leave Caitlin, Old bill and his warm life in Bandarate, and move back to his alcoholic violent father. The long sentences are spread out in lines down the page, which keeps the readers hanging on and hold interest until the end of the sentence to explore the idea.

In conclusion, a beneficial story contributed by the range of the language techniques and the selection of words. It entertains the readers by creating visual and mental pictures, building up atmospheres and providing plenty of details the characters. Thus present the theme to the readers and allows us to think about the important issue and eventually be challenged and broaden our perspectives. It is a vital ingredient of the story that critically affects the way the story presented and importantly fascinated the readers.

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