The Significance of My Mother During My Formative and Academic Years

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I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my mother so she deserves to be at the top of my essay. My mother’s name is Margarita and she is 46 years old as of right now. She’s been through a lot and suffered throughout the years of raising me and my two sisters. We would always move apartment to apartment and never had the chance to live in a house. It was hard for my mom to raise her three daughters without the full support of my father.

We have always recognized that she went through a lot just to have a pillow under our heads and food on the table. My mom would tell us and teach us that whatever we have she worked hard to afford it. In my younger years I was really spoiled and was showered with toys and gifts. We all looked up to my mom and listened to her. She taught me from right and wrong.

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She taught me how to tie my shoes. I look up to her for answers and questions. I had a mouth on me when I was young; I always thought I could get away with things because I’m a cute young girl. That wasn’t the case; every wrong doing has a punishment and consequence. My mother would be the one to be in charge of those kinds of things. It Made her have a scary side, I was scared to receive punishments. I was such a trouble maker and thought I could get away with certain things and outsmart my mother. She put me in my place and made me into a tough cookie. The jokester that I am, I would always lie and make stuff up just to see what people would say or how they react.Since I always lied, no one believed me, I regret being that troublemaker lying daughter.

Everyone blamed me for missing items or broken stuff. If my family didn’t know the answer to a situation, they would just say, “who else could’ve done it?”, “must have been tiff that did it”. Being a trouble maker got me nowhere and I don’t know why I did the things I did when I was young. What I didn’t know when I was younger but know now was that my mom has anger issues and doesn’t know how to control her anger or yelling. I have a better understanding of before because of her anger issues. It made me not do stupid stuff or even think about stupid things. I liked to get other people in trouble but the one thing I hated the most was me getting into trouble. My mother did what she had to do and I respect that. Other families probably didn’t go through the things my family did but every family is different and I know that.

As I got older I appreciated the things I got, I accepted the consequences I deserved. My mouth does have a mind of its own and my mother taught me how to control my words and how to respect one another. My mother is one of the hardest working moms out there, she has her lazy days but she conquered a lot and got where she wanted to be, happy with three daughters and a father figure. My mom dropped her life to create three new ones, and gave her all. I’m very proud of her and I love her to death. My mother’s life has been a bumpy road and I’m happy to have been there for her during it. I’ve seen many things and heard many things I didn’t want to but it got me this far and made me who I am today. My sisters and I look up to my mom now because of knowing what happened in the past and what we all went through.

I chose to write about my parents separately because they’re both very different and have different impacts on my life. My father and my mother aren’t married but they’ve been together since they were in their twenties. When I was younger, every time my dad came home from work me and my sisters would rush to him and hug him. My dad would just bring candy and strawberry Shortcake ice creams home every time he went out, I loved him for that.

My dad and my mom would switch off from work, not purposely but it just became that way. Whenever my dad had a job it would be a good warehouse job where he’s gone all day and makes a lot of money. Then my mom would stay home with me and my sisters and cook dinner and spend time with us. I can honestly say that I’m like my dad. Same features, same genes, and same similarities. We both have A.D.D and we both have a crazy sense of humor. The most common phrase my sisters and mother like to say to me was “you’re just like your father”. It was never said in a nice way, it was meant to be an insult in arguments. I would always hate it when they said it because I knew somehow it might be true and I knew the history of my dad so I did take it as an insult.

My dad liked to go out and have a couple drinks with his friends once in a while. Then it changed to a couple of beers every Sunday night to celebrate the Patriots. It escalated to a beer a night to everyday. This caused my dad to lose his job and my mom had to get one. My dad loves to talk about stories when he’s drunk. When he was sober he didn’t really socialize with us he would just eat, watch television. This caused my parents to fight a lot because since my mom had anger issues and my dad liked to talk a lot, so my mom got annoyed very easily and tells him to stop talking over the show or movie. The fights would escalate a lot as my dad’s drinking got worse my mom’s goal was to just kick him out for the night until he got sober. The problem was he got drunk every night so it made my mom kick him out almost every night when she couldn’t deal with him.

A couple of years later with the same thing happening and as the police calls piled up, the DSS was involved in the family now. I’ll never forget it either, me and my sisters hated the social worker and thought it was a waste of time. My dad had a sickness and couldn’t help himself. When his mother died recently, that didn’t help either. It just got worse, then enough was enough so he went to jail for 1 year and that was hard on my family. It was very hard on my mother to support us. That’s one of the reasons my mom couldn’t tell the social worker the truth because she needed his support financially and mentally.

It really shifted my family in another direction but made my family stronger. My father thankfully stopped drinking and to this day he is 4 months sober. It was really emotional for my family to go through that. Even me, I love my dad and for me to see him at that stage made me emotionally unstable. But I love him and I’m very proud of him for being sober and trying to live a happier life.

I would like to talk about my grandmother Janet. She’s my father’s mother and passed away not that long ago. She was my only grandmother that I got to see and spend time with. My other grandmother and grandfathers died before I was born so I’m not that fond of them. My grandmother lived in Rockland, the next town over from where I lived. She would always drive over and pick me and my sisters up and go do stuff on the weekends. Every weekend we would have plans to either go shopping or ice skating.

It was always fun to go over grandma’s house because she lived with Hugh and Kevin, My two cousins from my dad’s side. Their mother passed away with a brain tumor when they were young. They weren’t close to their dad so my grandmother took them in under her wing and raised them. It was fun to play and hangout with them. They had a big field with a lot of parks surrounding the area my grandmother lived in. That’s where my two cousins and sisters taught me how to ride my first bike. My grandmother’s neighbor Lynn was very nice, she had a garden with different kinds of vegetables and she would pay me and my sisters to clean up around it and to nurture the plants. Two dollars each was a lot of money to us back then. I would only get one dollar because Lynn always told me “your younger than your sisters” When I think of my grandma I remember Lynn.

My grandma Janet was very old fashioned. Three square meals every day, we were all limited to snacks because I would steal some. She had a pantry filled with them so I couldn’t possibly ignore my child hunger. She loved taking us out for ice cream, every Saturday night we would go to Dairy Queen. My family would spend the holidays with them because it’s just them three in the house; we mostly went for Christmas because that was our favorite holiday. You can say it’s a tradition because I remember doing it when I was very little. I remember looking at pictures with us at her house for the holidays. When she passed away I was in shock, I didn’t even cry at her wake. I just couldn’t believe it; I didn’t want to believe that my only grandmother is no longer my grandmother anymore. She was a great grandmother and a great friend. I’ll always remember her and how she treated us. I’m closer to my mother’s side of the family because we’ve been with them for so long and we talk as much as we can to keep in touch. All of my mother’s sisters and brothers live in Florida. The only reason my family isn’t living in Florida is because the weather is way too hot and it’s scary to completely start over and get new jobs etc.

My family and I visit them very often and when we can afford it, it’s always a fun road trip to see my mother’s side of the family because we always take the car and drive down there. It can get tiring during the road trips because it’s like a 3 day trip to Florida, including hotel stops. Anna is my mother’s closet sister and goes to her for whatever she needs, and that made me like her a lot and she is actually my favorite aunt. I’m most comfortable with her and she treats me like I’m her own daughter. So whenever we go down to Florida we plan to stay with Anna in her house. Anna has 3 children just like my mom and the ages are similar to me and my sisters. So it makes it more comfortable for us to bond and do stuff together.

Jessica is the oldest making her 22 years old and always hangs out with Brittany and the middle brother Junior is 20 years old, he’s one year older then my sister Courtney , they always tease each other, my cousin Danny is the one I hang out with and he is 3 years younger than me. All six of us loved doing weird and stupid things to each other. We always pulled pranks on each other, but of course I couldn’t really do that with Danny because he would cry or find a way to tell on me. Wasn’t the best, so I just tagged along with my sisters. The best memories from my cousins were Jessica, Junior, and Danny, where are so alike and we get along so well. We grew to love each other more and more. Recently, Jessica saved up her money and visited us here in Brockton for summer vacation last year. It was great and we catched up on a lot of things. She liked it up here in Massachusetts; we showed her around and had fun. It’s always fun and it’s always a treat to see them.

It’s time to talk about my older sister Courtney. She’s much like my mother, both hard working and stubborn. Whenever my mom needed help financially, my sister Courtney would get a job and help her out. I was too young and immature to help out my mom. My sister would always say that she was forced to be mature, that she didn’t get to live the young life because she was too busy worrying about the things my mom had to worry about. My oldest sister was out with her boyfriend and friends having fun. I was at home most of the time with my family.

Courtney had struggled the most out of me and my sisters. When Courtney was the age of seventeen she had two jobs and still attending school. She was saving up money for a car and to help out my mother. Courtney wasn’t the only one with a job but she was the only one that spent her money wisely and spent it on things she really needed. It was even more hard on her because she couldn’t spend her money on things she wanted and on things other teenagers would want. She couldn’t live the teenager life anymore because she was pushed to have responsibilities and to help out. My family didn’t really see her struggle but she would tell me in private how she really felt. It made me so sad and regrettable. I didn’t go through what she did because I didn’t want to.

Courtney is in college right now for her second year at Sweet Briar College. My parents send her money every month to help her out. I’m very proud of my sister because she’s my role model for the future. She’s my favorite sister because I’m most comfortable to go to her for anything. My sister and I cried to each other so many times about personal things and I love her for that. Courtney and I are the only ones in the house that can actually communicate on a deeper level and understand each other’s emotions better. I know she will go far in life and she’s a great example of someone who’s been through a lot and can use their struggle to help them with their success. She reminds me much of my mother, that’s why I admire her and what she’s done.

Even though I love my sister Brittany with all my heart she can still be a nightmare. I have ups and downs with her too many times I can’t count. Were so alike, were both stubborn and opinionated. When we were all young I would look up to her because she was my oldest sister and my parents would always say to me “listen to Britt, she’s the oldest”. Oh man, I hated that saying because I didn’t believe it one bit. I didn’t think it was fair that she had control over everyone, that’s what I thought when I was younger and frankly I kind of believe it now, especially since I’m eighteen years old now.

I go to Brittany for most general advice, like about fashion, TV, or just to ask questions about stuff. I don’t really go to her for personal things and I don’t talk to her about stuff that’s bothering me, I never did and I never felt comfortable to do so. We always wear each other’s clothes and shoes because we were always the same size in everything and have the same taste in style. We got into a lot of arguments because of it, when I take her things without her knowing, it gives her the privilege to yell at me and control me. She’s the nosey sister and likes to take sides a lot. When I’m talking to my mother or father alone, she would add her input and how she sees the situation. Arguments always escaladed quickly when Brittany was around. 

When she was pregnant I was her emotional punching bag. She took her anger out on me. I tried to brush it off my shoulders because she won’t be pregnant forever. After she had my nephew Travis I felt like things didn’t change between me and her. There are less fights but more judgment and flaws thrown to my face. I’ve now realized that she’s a mother now and less of my sister so I have to respect that she has greater responsibilities and I can’t add to her list. I will still support her and live my own life. She showed me that life isn’t easy and that I have to go get what I truly want and work hard for it. She taught me how to speak and open up more. She influenced me to not be afraid of anything.

I was waiting to write about my dear nephew Travis Jon Lambert. He’s the absolute cutest baby in the world. I care about him a lot and will do anything for him. He puts a smile on my face every single time I see him and he smiles every time he looks at me. He is 9 months now and weighs 22 pounds and is 28 inches tall, he’s very tall and chunky for his age. He either has brown eyes or blue eyes, it’s on and off but I think he has hazel eyes because that’s the combination of both. He’s so adorable, he has long black eyelashes.

I don’t really see babies a lot because there never around in my family, but my sister Brittany finally has Travis that I can play with all the time. He loves playing with me I can tell because he laughs a lot and smiles. Everyone else in the house is so gentle with him and is afraid to get a scratch on him. But I’m rough and playful with him and that’s why I think he likes me a lot because that’s what boys like to do. His favorite toy or thing to play with is his blanket, I toss the blanket over his head and when he pulls it off I say “peekaboo”, he smiles and now he learned how to do it on his own. He doesn’t say peekaboo but he pulls the blanket over his head then off his head. It’s cool to think he has some Mexican in him because now I want to teach him Spanish. I’m still determined to teach him because baby’s brains are like sponges and can absorb anything

I’m super happy that I have my first nephew, because now I can take him places when he is older and I can show him a lot of things and teach him life lessons. I can’t wait for the moment when he can talk. He made my family more happy and whole again. He glued the missing pieces of the puzzle together. I really do want to better myself and show Travis that I’m a good role model to listen to and I want to show him the right path to take. Travis made room in my heart for himself and he is staying there until I die. I love and will always cherish his life in my hands.

I want to talk about the schools I went to throughout my life so far. I met some awesome teachers and loyal friends on the way. The first school I remember going to was Brookfield elementary. I attended that school with my sister Courtney, so she was in the 5th grade when I was in the 2nd grade.

I started getting bad grades in school because I had a hard time concentrating and I pay more attention to the students in the class. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Melo, in the 6th grade I had her and it was a fun year to be in her class. My mom would participate in being the chaperone for all of my field trips. It was really fun because I made a lot of friends in that school and I always dressed like a boy so I knew my friends were loyal because they hanged out with me for my personality. That school revolved around whose popular or not but me and my  friends stayed under the radar of all that drama.

For 7th grade I went to north middle school because I had lived on the north side for that time. 7th grade was actually fun and not as nerve wrecking as I thought it would be. I still payed more attention to friends rather than the actually work and that made me not do as good as I’m

capable of but I made a lot of friends. That year was the year of my first fake boyfriend. I use the word fake because it lasted no more than 2 weeks. Absolutely nothing happened because I had no clue what a relationship is all about. So that made everyone in the school talk, but I didn’t care that much. that year I got my first ipod stolen, my mom just bought me my very own ipod and a couple weeks later this mean girl took it from my bag without me knowing. Got me really upset but I brushed it off my shoulders.

After 7th grade my family moved to the south side to switch apartments. So my parents made me go to south middle school. It was the worst year of my life, I did not know anyone in that school and I really hate making new friends and being alone. Two months into the school year I find out that the same girl who stole my ipod from north junior is attending to my new school. So that made me even more miserable because I saw her almost every day and she would laugh at me as much as wanted to. 8th grade just wasn’t a pleasant time in my life and I’m glad I graduated from the middle schools because I couldn’t bare one more moment of it.

“High school will be better” my sister Courtney always told me. She was a sophomore when I became a freshman at Brockton high school. I was in the green building just like my sister so I was relieved I had someone to sit with at lunch every day. I got bad grades in high school too for the same reason from the other schools. I paid more attention to making friends then to actually do my work. I just didn’t feel comfortable sitting alone and talking to no one in such a big school. When I failed my second year at Brockton high school my mother said“ no more failing, your switching schools”, when she said that I was so scared and worried what she had planned for me. She told me that there’s schools that is easier and will help you graduate faster. I pleaded, I cried, I went through denial and kept saying no. all that I could think of is making new friends all over again. 

As I joined champion high school I began to like it and it grew part of me. I got use to it that I took advantage of their no homework policy. I enjoy the teachers and the challenge the work brings. I’m looking forward to graduate Champion High School. I know I will, because I’m highly capable of graduating. This school made me not repeat the same mistake I made in the other schools. Champion works with me and I work well with it. I made good friends attending this school and champion high school will forever live its reputation.

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