The Significance of Modern and Original Music of Mexico in Modern Society

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The music of Mexico is very diverse and culturally influenced alike. Not only are the genres unique but so is the way in which they perform the music alike. Many songs are known globally and utilize the sounds from many different instruments. Some instruments that have been used would be the jarana huasteca (small guitar) and guitarra huapanguera (guitar). (Moore & Clark, Although both instruments are guitars, they each have specialized sounds that are unique to each song. Many times, these instruments make appearances in upbeat tunes, such as son jalisceince.

But also, can be found in slower songs alike. Northwestern states of Mexico and Northeaster states enjoy different types of instruments in their songs. In Northwest, they prefer music with wind hand repertoire and Northeast enjoys more accordion based instruments.

Although, at the turn of the century, Musica nortena developed a new style that was popularized on both sides. Influenced by multiple influences, broad dissemination of the button accordion was utilized.

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This new style brought upon a common connection for all sides. Joining several unique cultures together for the appreciation of this new sound. Not only did this popularize in Mexico and surrounding areas, it even became Americanized. In America, it was called musica tejana. During the 1950’s and 1960’s American and British music entered its ways into Mexican borders. Jazz and rock and roll were the most popular during these times. It didn’t take long before Mexican music started employing the typical characteristics of these genres alike. Media brought huge attention to this music, and it was accepted immediately by governments.

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Bringing a whole new style to Mexico. There are several differences that outline modern and traditional Mexican music.

For starters, the songs were much more simple in the beginning, only utilizing a few instruments, however, within time, the music became more complex utilizing several different instruments and sound effects. This is also true in genre. We saw only a few genres at first, such as classical and dancing. Now we see rock, country, rap, and other different genres. These were influences by other countries after being exposed in Mexico by media and other means alike. Culture added much distinction to the music, more so in recent times. The playing of music used to be more common for performances and other events of that nature.

However, now music is played in everyday life. It is enjoyed in cars, at home, and for relaxation. Music was not as common in original times in Mexico, but now is found everywhere and not dependent on special occasions. Those who played music in modern times were more encouraged to do so and even given insensitive. Governments gave subsidies for musicians to study in Europe and return to the country. This was done so during the Porfiriato, this was done so the musicians could return to music under the education of professionals such as Manuel Ponce and Ricardo Castro, and teach music classes. Both modern and original Mexican music is still being played today. Each area has their own different tastes in music styles, although all are equally important and culturally induced. Many countries enjoy the unique sound of the guitars and accordions, and for that Mexican music has been a huge success.

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