The Seven Design Elements of Customer Interface Essay

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The Seven Design Elements of Customer Interface

Our homepage is integrated of Aesthetically design and Functionally design. We emphasis on the look-and-feel of the site because hotel needs heavy visual element, so we use colorful and mostly green theme just like our hotel theme, it gives nature, warm, fun, and comfortable feelings like home (En Casa) and shows green hospitality that we practices. Moreover, our target market is more on leisure travelers, we showed pictures of our luxury resort. Beside the looks, we also emphasis the functionality, we use linking structure and navigation tools which facilitate the users moves through the sites. Like when people go to our website and click on “Our Global Home”, it will take them to the list of all En Casa Hotel and Resorts properties around the world, so they can easily access to there and have a look.

Content The content of our homepage is offering mix dimension which means we include products, information, and services altogether. We show our rooms types, pictures and then we give information about the rates and facilities, we also put information about our restaurant outlets, spa facilities, meeting & event and all services that we offers into the homepage so people who interested can easily look for our details.

Community En Casa allows their customer to have a profile with them whereby they can put their information and their preferences when they stay at En Casa and to give a feeling of membership in our group. We also have Facebook and Twitter account whereby people can subscribe to us and have interaction between site users. Our homepage is following Non-interactive Communication type, our site presents static information and only allows unidirectional communication with them.

Customization En casa has the ability to customize itself to each user. It has two dimension of customization, one is personalization, it means when a person come to En Casa webpage, he/she can choose his/her preference language, and next time he/she go to our webpage using same device, it will automatically set the language, he/she no need to change it again. The second dimension is tailoring by site, our software dynamically publishes unique versions of the site to address specific user’s interests, habits and needs more appropriately based on past user behaviour. For example when last time our guest already booked a suite room with a pick-up limousine from airport, when he is booking another room with us, we will ask whether they want a pick-up limousine again.

Communication How our communication works is broadcast, which means one-way information exchange from organization to user. Broadcast communication can be in the form of mass mailing, FAQ, e-mail newsletters, content-update reminders and broadcast events. We applied One-to-Many, Non-Responding User, site messages are announcements that users receive without needing to respond. It is when we announce our upcoming events and promotions into our webpage. We also applied One-to-Many, Responding User, Site messages are invitations to users to submit their comments and responses. It is when our guests can give their feedbacks to our webpage or through TripAdvisor that linked to our webpage.

Connection En Casa connection dimension is Pathway of Connection, which refers to the links to access additional information. And the type is Pathway-out-links cause the user to completely exit our website to go to another website but the content is still talk about our hotel. We applied this to Facebook page, Twitter page and also Trip Advisor. They can look for our information there, for Trip Advisor, they can book our room too.

Commerce What we “sell” on our webpage is our En Casa Hotel & Resort’s rooms, our facilities like F&B outlets, spa, and also meeting rooms. For Commerce Archetypes, we applied Catalog Pricing, which means the price of goods and services are preset by us. Through our website, they can have reservation and do payment in advance because we provide payment facilities like credit card or debit card.

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