The settling of people in permanent places Essay

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The settling of people in permanent places

I agree that world’s population is greater than it was in the past and this has gained momentum with the onset of the settling of people in permanent places. Although this has increased the rate of population growth, it’s worth adding that it is not the only factor but there are other factors which include the following; high death rate which were as a result of poor medication facilities, harsh climatic conditions, civil and tribal wars, famines, and epidemics.

Though population growth has been negatively affected by HIV/aids, its slow in 1970 can not be attributed to the disease since the first case of the disease was reported in 1984 and the disease could not have claimed the lives of so many people before its discovery (http://www. sociologyonline. net/text/intro/main/c4b543n. htm; Boselli B, 2005, pp. 56-80) I also agree that with the current economic development and modernization fertility rate has reduced. This is because of the current increase in per capita income, adult literacy, life expectancy, female education, women employment and reduction in infant mortality.

I also agree that the Czech Republic’s population has decreased but it is not as a result of declining fertility rate only but the other factors mentioned above have also contributed to this decrease. With all other factors at ceteris paribus , any prevention of immigrants from entering the Czech Republic will greatly reduce its population and that of Prague (Boselli B, 2005, pp. 56-80; http://www. sociologyonline. net/text/intro/main/c4b543n. htm). It is however worth adding that culture is of essence in determining any significant increase or decrease in population.

These cultural factors are present in all societies and include; the women’s control on reproduction, increased awareness of women rights boosted by higher accessibility of women to education that has improved their social status, adequacy and availability of family planning and other health services related to reproduction, women’s economic security and that of the entire elderly have also played a significant role. This means that though the 1% population increase may mainly be associated with immigration, these cultural factors cannot be downplayed and underestimated.

This confirms the fact that “small changes in people’s behavior cause significant differences in population” (Boselli B, 2005, pp. 56-80; http://www. sociologyonline. net/text/intro/main/c4b543n. htm ) References Boselli B, (2005), OECD regions at a glance, OECD Publishing, pp. 56-80 Population patterns and trends, retrieved from http://www. sociologyonline. net/text/intro/main/c4b543n. htm on 27th May, 2009 The free dictionary, Retrieved from http://www. thefreedictionary. com/ceteris+paribus on 27th May, 2009

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