The Self In Interpersonal Communication Essay

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The Self In Interpersonal Communication

Sometimes I find it difficult to express myself, even to people who are close to me, especially when it comes to expressing my emotions. When a friend does something that irritates me or makes me angry, I just tend to keep silent and not talk about it. I feel mad at him, but I do not tell him, I try to deal with it on my own. Because of this, whatever he did to make me mad in the first place occurs again.

I understand that I cannot really expect him to change his ways or to expect him to know that I am not happy with what he does. For example, I have this friend who I get along with really well except when it comes to food. I do not mind sharing my food, but we have known each other a long time that he no longer asks me if it is okay if he takes food from my plate. Sometimes he even eats my food before I do, and it really irritates me. I just let him at it, waiting for him to realize his bad manners, but he has not changed.

It has put strain on our friendship, sometimes I raise my voice at him for seemingly no reason but as I look within me I know that it is because of the vent up feelings of how he is disregarding me. Now of course I realize that I should not wish him to change, instead I should change my ways. I end up feeling bad when I know he has no malice and bad intent. I should just tell him how he makes me feel when he takes my food without even asking me, and simply request him to be more considerate and respectful, he can just ask so we can share equally without anxiety.

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