The Secular Western Society Essay

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The Secular Western Society

In today’s society, many of our decisions are guided by forces such as employment, social needs, self-sufficiency and moral obligations, such as the church. Over the past century we have seen a dramatic shift in which these needs or forces have taken precedence over one another. Nowadays, greed and social protocols tend to run our daily lives where moral dependency and faith have lost significance. As the world develops, where technology and processes are growing at an alarming rate the need for religion both socially and morally may be lost. It seems although even people who call themselves religious or claim to have a religious structure still do not fully understand and truly grasp the teaching or ideology behind the church. The declining religious society and the loss of religious authority can be defined as secularization. A secular society is a shift away from religious meaning where politics and religion is separate. We found that the western world has become secular due to three major forces, modernization, capitalism and the reduction in religious authority. Citizens in the west have a much higher chance of having their opinion be altered due to what the media is delivering through their messages. Capitalism has altered the way people live and think. The significance of money has never been as substantial as what it currently is; people place a great emphasis on making money and bettering themselves. The reduction in religious authority plays an integral role in the west’s evolution to becoming mainly secular.

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