The Secret School Essay

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The Secret School

Characters Ida Bidson, Felix Bidson, Mr. & Mrs. Bidson, Baby Shelby Bidson, Tom Kohl, Mary Kohl, Mr. & Mrs. Kohl, Herbert Blixon, Mr. Blixton, Miss. Fletcher, Mr. Jordan, Miss Sedgwick, Students; Mary Kohl, Charlie, Susie, and Natasha. Setting -Elk Valley, Colorado -April – June 1925 -Elk Valley is a small farming community that is poor. The people in Elk Valley feel isolated from other communities and the rest of the world because it is surrounded by mountains. – School House -Bidson’s Farm, Kohl’s Farm, and Blixon’s Farm Plot.

Story takes place from April – June 1925 in a small farming community in Elk Valley, Colorado. A small school is being temporarily closed down because the children’s teacher is called away to take care of her mother who had a stroke. After a majority vote it is decided that fourteen year old Ida will be the teacher of the school, only it must remain a secret from everyone so the children can take their exams in June. If Ida doesn’t become the teacher she won’t be able to take her exit exams and go on to high school to study to become a real teacher.

Ida soon settles into a good routine and does a great job as their teacher. Although it isn’t easy for Ida who is struggling between her classroom job as teacher and her responsibilities on the farm she does the best she can. Miss. Sedgwick from the County Education Office finds out Ida isn’t the real classroom teacher and allows her to continue on as long as everyone passes an exam at the end of the year. The student’s study hard and Ida does a great job preparing them for their exams. Ida learns from them as she shares her knowledge with them.

Even when Ida learns that the school is shut down she goes to the town meeting to speak on the school’s behalf. She explains to everyone why the school can’t be closed. Ida is allowed to keep teaching at the school and her hard work shows off when everyone passes their exams. Ida is even invited to stay at Miss. Sedgwicks house while she attends high school. Ida is praised by her parents for her hard work and for her succes, but they tell her to be prepared to work hard on their farm before she goes away to school in the fall.

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