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The Second World War Essay

Compare the ways in which the writers and the stories, and discuss how successful each of the endings is. A Sound of Thunder is from the science fiction, short story genre written after the Second World War. A Sound of Thunder is an adventure story. The futuristic story is set in America in the year 2055; the story begins with the main Character, Eccles, who is over joyed with the news that the Moderate Keith has won the presidential election. He is also excited and nervous about going back in time to before civilisation.

When Eccles walks into the office before he takes his trip back in time, he hands over a cheque of ten thousand dollars. For ten thousand dollars he gets to go back in time to when dinosaurs were around and shoot one. With this package tension is created, as he isn’t guaranteed to arrive back to his own time zone alive. With Eccles there are four other men going in the time machine with him.

One is the Safari leader Travis, the second man is Travis’s assistant Lesbarnce, the last two men are hunters like Eccles who have paid the sum of ten thousand dollars to have the adventure of shooting a dinosaur. Once the men are in the time machine Travis the Safari leader tells the men how dangerous shooting the dinosaur can be and how a simple mistake like killing a mouse could destroy man kind. Before the men enter the prehistoric age they changed their clothes and put on oxygen suits. Once they arrive they step out on to a metal floor 6 inches off the ground so as to avoid any sort of contact with the new world. When the group start their adventure to kill a dinosaur they walk through the jungle to reach there destination picked to kill the animal.

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After waiting tensely with a “Sound of Thunder” the dinosaur arrives. With tension mounting with the beast coming near, fear grips Eccles and the macho image earlier displayed disappears. Eccles panics and runs in the wrong direction away from the dinosaur and falls off the path on to the jungle floor. After killing the dinosaur Travis and the reader realise the implications of Eccles’ action. Refusing to take Eccles back to the year 2055 with the rest of the hunters. Travis demands him to retrieve the bullets that had been used to kill it, from the dinosaur in order to come back with them.

The ride in the time machine home is tense. Know one knew that they were returning to a changed world. They questioned if Eccles had damaged anything that could economically destroy the human race. When they got back Travis became aware that all is not well. When they look around everything that they had left was there but somehow different. But they couldn’t specifically point out what it was that had changed. When Travis had given the place the all ok, every one got out of the Time machine.

Every one noticed something wasn’t quite right. The sign on the wall has changed, the language and spellings of words were different yet understandable. Eccles worried he discovers a dead butterfly on this shoe. Trembling he realises the world has gone wrong. He asked the man behind the desk who won the presidential election. Laughing as if Eccles was stupid he replied, Deutscher. Deutscher was the dictator that everyone had been relieved to find that he had lost the election that morning. Eccles panicked and tried to revive the dead butterfly. While Eccles was doing this Travis grabbed his riffle, clicked the safety catch and raised the weapon. There was a sound of thunder.

The Body Snatcher is an early 19th century short story told in the first person. The Body Snatcher is based on realism with a super natural element to it. The Body Snatcher opens with the narrator creating and atmosphere. The Body Snatcher is told in the 1st person, but not by the main character, this allows us to form an opinion of Fettus and the other characters based upon other party’s description and language. The story opens with four characters in a pub called The George, the four characters are an undertaker, Fettus (the main character), the narrator who remains unidentified and the landlord of the George.

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