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The school website

Cncs: The school website is very basic, although it explains the variety amounts of information for parents and students, for example year 11 students can access there exam timetable on the side of the home page. While parents can browse through the calendar accessible on the website to identify important dates for their children. Varndean: The difference in how the icons are used, for Varndean they used more efficiently as in comparison to Cardinal Newman, the icons are not located down the side of the page but rather just as the top and are put into one icon called “School”. When there is an organised system to state what type of information hovered over shows can be accessed. On the front page they also show visual aid of the school and how students are taught, assessed and the opinions from students themselves.


Cncs: The logo for cardinal Newman links towards the school being catholic, this is shown as the logo is a cross representing a Christian symbol. The cross is very basic as it’s a black cross, which represents the religion that the school follows. Varndean: The design of the logo is 4 dolphins in cooperated into 1 which represents the 4 houses that, the design is very beautiful due to the colours used for each dolphin working well together as a logo. Don’t understand why the logo is a dolphin, I don’t see the link between the logo and the school – no link towards the sea, only connection is the 4 houses Letter

Cncs: Letter from cardinal Newman states that’s students enrolled into he school will have to participate must perform in classes in order to gain marks to receive the best results at the end of the academic year, Further down the page, it states if students needed any support through courses, they will have to have a meeting with their teachers stating their problems and ask for extra lessons when needed in order for students to either catch up or cope with lessons. Letter presented formally towards parents of teachers who are concerned for their children coping with their students learning. Shows appropriate language for both student and teachers – understand what needs to be improved and what parents can do to help.

Vardean: Language mainly formal in presentation of the letter as its associated towards parents, however some parts are informal as they are targeted for the students to understand the different activities students can take part in as the who message is about enrichment day for students. It also states in the letter how much the activities will cost while stating the variety of activities students can enjoy. The letter is very easy to read – main points re listed to parents and students. Information’s not piled up onto letter – doesn’t bore reader.

School prospectus

Cncs: Cardinal Newman’s prospectus is more mature for students and parents, illustrating pictures of the daily lives the school students take part in, creating an idea of who the school is run and what new students will discover. Information laid out and organised – clearing sub =headings for text. The background is white in order for text to be easier to read as writing is size 11. The prospectus has 24 pages, gives more detail about the school. Varndean: prospectus is too childish, the colour scheme for each page is different and there is no consistency in presentation. Different blends of colours makes texts harder to read. Only a few amount of pictures – not enough visual images about the school. Audience students and parents. Parts of the prospectus states what the children who want to eb part of the school will discover when being in the school. Imformation presented in an imfromal way so its understandable for students. They don’t have huge junks of infmation as they get straight to the point.

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