The scheduling of photography Essay

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The scheduling of photography

Photography, whether that being out sourced or in house, is an important aspect in advertising for any business. These options contain both pros and cons when discussing the financial and beneficial aspects in regards to the company effectively reaching target audience. The convenience of the in house photography and that of scheduling out sourced professional photographers will prove interesting and vital in detail. Also, the idea of the many uses of this imagery and accessibility can be a factor in the merchandising, advertising and business fortitude. The convenience associated with that of having complete access to the utilization of developing an in house photography staff is far superior to that of any other option. The fact is that the company can offer any schedule constraint to the imagery team and allow that task to be completed within the time sensitive request. Employees are more likely to understand the needs of the company when given the task of providing merchandising imagery.

The company also has access to these images because the photographs are the sole property of the company. Alternatively, out sourced photography also has many beneficial aspects in regards to advertising. This is especially true when discussing the professionalism associated with the character, products, and services provided by a person with their own reputation at stake. A professional photographer will use various contracts, which are designed to ensure quality work in a timely manner. So that the company can rest assured that the services will be of high quality which in turn will benefit the company and reach consumers. The scheduling of photography sessions may cause some problems when accessibility is important, but impossible due to versatility.

Some opportunities in which new photographs would benefit the company in advertising campaigns may include every new crop season throughout the year, special events, grand re-openings, before and after company renovations, new employee hire, promotions, etc.,. In house photography staff would have better access to locations before, during and after hours of operation. This opportunity depends greatly on the imagery necessary for that specific advertising campaign. While out sourced photography may find these times difficult to adhere to if his or her business is compiled of numerous clients and contracted services in various locations.

Usage of the company’s stored imagery can be made useful in many areas of advertising, marketing and employee morale. For instance, displaying enlarged images of the store’s employee of the month near the front of the store tends to lift the spirits of the employees. This program is usually based on good customer relations, positive work ethics and great personal attributes. All of these aspects having been used to benefit the company’s reputation in the public’s view. Other employees will also strive to be rewarded for their efforts at work. Employees tend to show more pride in their work when the company displays graditude and appreciation of good work ethics. As far as advertising and marketing goes, showcasing products in magazine ads, commercial brochures, billboards, web page templates, so on and so forth the opportunities are endless, or so it may seem.

Even when posting employment ads for new openings, the use of employee images of happy coworkers can inspire people to apply for the available position. Images of products can be displayed throughout the store to entice consumers while shopping. The same images can be used in training new employees to recognize the benefits of buying and upselling merchandise. This will also benefit employees in setting up displays that will better showcase the products available. Out sourcing and in house photography would work in either scenario. These types of images can be taken at any time throughout the year. Seasonal products, special events and holiday promotions would be the more stressful objectives to complete because they contain major time constraints.

Thus, making the project more difficult for the out sourced photographer because of the scheduling issues with other clients. In house photography seems to benefit the company more because of the accessibility, being less of a financial burden than out sourced photography and training in what the company actually needs. The photographs can be used in an array of advertising arenas, including that of marketing and even training. The benefits of in house photography far outweigh that of hiring a professional photographer that is out sourced and less accessible.

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