The Scary Great White Essay

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The Scary Great White

One sunny summer day at an amusement park in Wildwood, New Jersey, my brother, aunt, sister, cousin and I was having tons of fun. We went on all of the rides. I conquered every ride there that I thought was “safe.” The rest of them I was scared of or just did not want to ride. After I went on all of the “safe” rides, there was only one more to get on, “The Great White” rollercoaster.

Some say it is the fastest rollercoaster ever! I was thinking to myself, “I should wait,” so I did. On Saturday I was on the beach relaxing getting some sun, while the rest of the family was out shopping. I started thinking about the Great White. Why am I to afraid to get on the stinking rollercoaster when I see other people getting on? Looking at the ride I was blown away by the awesomeness. People were asking me if I got on yet and I said, “No! Not yet.” They said, “Dude you have to go on man. It’s awesome!” They started calling me names like, wimp, punk, chump etc. I didn’t pay attention to those jerks. So I went to go stand in line thinking to myself, “I can do this, I know I can.” When my turn came in line, I got scared again and walked away. Maybe I was scared of heights, but I went on the same rides over and over again that were high. I don’t know why I couldn’t get on the Great White without being afraid.

Later on back at the hotel I was in the bathroom talking to myself in the mirror, it was kind of strange though, but I had to get it together. After leaving the hotel and going back to the amusement park, I was determined to ride the Great White. I did a couple of exercises to calm my nerves but I was still procrastinating out of fear. I still couldn’t do it!

I was ashamed of myself for wasting the whole weekend because I was too scared to get on the rollercoaster. I was acting like a big baby.

By Sunday I was determined to ride this rollercoaster I didn’t care what it took. Later that morning my family and I were at breakfast filling up our stomachs. Once we were done eating, we walked the boardwalk looking around, buying stuff and getting souvenirs to take back home with us. After shopping we went back to the hotel and relaxed a little bit. I was tired from shopping and being afraid of the rollercoaster so I took a nap to refuel my energy. When I woke up I felt good and ready to take on anything, even the rollercoaster.

I waited until later on to get on the rides. In the mean time I went and played in the ocean because it was too hot to do anything else except prepare to ride the Great White. As I was going to face my fear, I arrived at the rollercoaster and there was a long line. It was too long so I left until it got shorter. To help reduce my waiting time, I walked along the boardwalk looking around waiting and waiting. An hour went pass and the line was still too long. I decided to go back to the hotel and sit down, take a load off and watch TV to help with the waiting. Five minutes went pass and I was fast asleep. When I woke up I remembered that I had a rollercoaster to conquer.

As I headed back to the rollercoaster the line was still long so I thought about waiting it out yet again. Standing in the line was so boring I couldn’t take it, but I had to wait it out. An hour went by and I was finally in front. I was still so scared but it was too late to turn back. I had to face my fear! So I took my first step toward the rollercoaster and then took my seat in the car. I knew in my mind I was going to scream my head off. The rollercoaster was delayed for a minute and I was happy because it wasn’t going anywhere.

Next, the man said, “the Great White will start in 5,4,3,2,1” and it zoomed off! It went so fast that the skin on my face was pulling back and just blowing in the wind. The rollercoaster took a hard left then a hard right turn. Then it went straight up and it stopped. WOSH!!!! Straight down it goes. My stomach is pushed into my back then it goes straight in a split second. We came to the end of the ride and my hair was spiky and I had spit on my cheeks.

After the ride ended, it felt good to face my fear. My aunt and everyone was proud of me. I was happy, I felt good about conquering my fear that I went again and again. I went on the Great White about four times. Later on we got ready to leave Wildwood and head back home to Philadelphia. Facing my fear of riding the Great White paid off because it was fun!

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