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The Scariest Experience In My Life

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“… I realized that every word she said was true.”

“What if we buy the double-story bungalow on top of the hill ?” I still remember Dad said these words excitedly to us a few months ago. It happened when we were visiting Dad”s friend one day whereby he first saw the old, abandoned bungalow. Dad just fell in love with it. The abandoned bungalow was still in good condition. It just that the windows were broken, the paint color became bleach and “lalang” has surrounded the whole area.

Within weeks, he managed to buy the house and fixed it. We move in soon after that.

My friends at school were quite shocked when I told them where I lived. Chrisy, my best friend came to me during recess time and told me that the house was haunted. “Lily, do your parents know to whom the house belonged to? You never heard the history of the house? It was haunted! Whoever stays in that house, he will lose one of his family members at least.

” Chrisy really tried her best to make me believe her.

Unfortunately, I never believed in ghosts and let the advice fade away. I never believe them at all, until we had one in our house. It was only when we had our housewarming party that I found out the history of the house. It used to belong to Amandha Elizabeth, the wife of an expatriate. Amanda Elizabeth was not well-liked. She used to live there with her husband and son but one day the husband took the son and left to England.

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They never came back. Since then, she became quite frightening. Some said she was a witch and had “dark dealings.” Well after she died, no one would go near the house.

Nothing actually happened in the first three months. Then, one night, I heard the front gate being opened and then slammed shut. I sat up on the bed and listened. Someone was coming in! I ran quietly to my parent’s room. My parents were already up. They must have heard the sound too. It was as if someone was coming up the stairs.

“Bump, bump, bump. Thump, thump, thump.” The sound soon stopped at the door. “Creeakkk” We saw the doorknob turn. Then, nothing.

That was what usually happened. It did not happen every day but it happened often enough for us to be certain that it was the ghost of Amandha Elizabeth. We never saw her, though. But we always heard strange things.

After all this time, I can count it as the scariest experience in my life. About four months we moved in, Dad fell ill with heart disease. At first, there should be a medicine that can cure Dad”s disease. But, the situation is never going the same as what in the statement said. Eventually, Dad passes away after he stayed two days in the hospital. Strangely, after he died, we never heard from Amandha Elizabeth again. Most of us were convinced that Amandha Elizabert wanted revenge and she got it. I do feel sad when Dad left us. If only I believe in what Chrisy said from the beginning, these might not happen onto my Dad. Now, I realized that every word she said was true.

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