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The Satire Behind A ‘Brave New World’ Essay

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In the book ‘A Brave New World’, is it possible to say that the author Aldous Huxley conveys the idea that the book is a satire rather than a blue print for a perfect society? This is a controversial question, which may only be answered after analyzing many aspects of the book. For example, Huxley not only uses many exaggerations throughout the narrative and various language resources but he also uses irony to create a satirical and entertaining story. The author uses satire throughout the novel, when approaching certain subjects as, materialism, replacement of love by promiscuity and forgetting about the importance of poetry and literature.

Satire is used by Huxley when describing how people in the brave new world believe that “ending is better than mending”. In other words, you should never allow something you possess to be old and out of date. Instead you should replace them constantly to the new and latest product available. He also shows how people are induced to buy more and more with the constant use of propaganda. This may be seen as ironic to the reader as people always try to save the most money as possible in our present world, while in the brave new world people believe that you should always be spending money on as most activity and consumptions as possible. This creates a contrast to the world in which we are living in.

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In the beginning of the novel we are introduced to the promiscuity and the lack of commitment in the lives of the characters. What is seen in the story is that the reason for sexual relations with another human being is only for pleasure and not for conceiving a child and that it is better for a woman to be as most promiscuous as possible and “be” with as many men, opposing our knowledge, that a woman should marry and be faithful to one man only. This may be seen as a satire because it contradicts the knowledge that human beings have had so far .In the book characters such as Lenina and Fanny are constantly discussing the subject of sexual relations showing how their ideas in relation to men contradict today’s thoughts, making this a very interesting and unique aspect of the book.

Another very amusing aspect of the book is that people living in the brave new world believe that reading is a waste of time and it is seen as an insult a person who believes that poetry and literature (Shakespeare’s plays for example) should be valued. I believe this adds to the irony of the narrative because nowadays people value more and more learning about poetry, literature and art, and the history behind it. So when reading the novel, it is very interesting to see how Huxley portrays these opposing ideas found in the hypothetical ‘perfect’ world he created. He shows how the people in the Brave New World are not interested in old things, they are however interested in seeing new and superficial movies with no significant meaning behind them.

I believe that these aspects of the narrative were approached and developed in such ironic and satirical way; to allow the reader to reflect on what was the author’s intention was when doing so. I believe Huxley’s intention was to show how the idea of Utopia may be so aspired and worshiped by humans; however it may not be so perfect after all. Even though in the brave new world people are always happy, they don’t experience feelings of love and even though they have the power to consume products in such great amounts, they are not allowed to the power of freedom. The author approaches these subjects throughout the novel in such way that it is amusing and entertaining to the reader, making him want to read more and discover more unique aspects attributed to the characters and the narrative created by Huxley.

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