The SAP data base

1. How is it possible, as Braddock kept in mind, to have a good deal of information but little info? How does the SAP information base and service intelligence component change this?

To have an excellent offer of information but little details is just possible when there is a great deal of information but none sorted or organized in proper order. If we distinguish between ‘information’ and ‘info’ then we’ll see how Information is undone and unorganized realities that require to be processed.

Information can be something easy and apparently random and worthless until it is organized. Whereas when data is processed, organized, structured or presented in a provided context and is made beneficial, it is called Information. FreshDirect has to handle countless customers, multiple orders, delivery time, location, and the needed personnel for the service to run.

2. What is implied by “exposure into the workflow” and why is it essential to FreshDirect’s success? What are exception screens and how are they used?

What is meant by “visibility into the workflow”

3.What has been the impact on employees of the changes brought about by the SAP ERP system and associated business intelligence applications?

4.How is FreshDirect’s use of its database related to its brand image? What is the most important element of their brand?

Chapter 12 – Case 2

1.How does improving decision making add value for a business? 2.Explain why it might be useful to have detailed web site metrics like those IBM provides.

3.Use the web to find out some of the specific capabilities of Cognos 8 BI.

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4.Describe the differences between the ways executives and lower-level employees would use business intelligence software.

5.How is gathering data about consumers different from gathering internal data from within a company’s own systems?

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The SAP data base
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