The Salem Witch Trials in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller

In the play the Crucible by Arthur Miller, Miller shows that Abigail is to blame for the Salem Witch trials. A crucible is a test or severe trial. The play is based in Salem, Massachusetts where a group of girls that went to the woods to try to conjure spirits.

When the girls got caught, instead of confessing to their wrong doings they began to blame other people of witchcraft. They did this to draw positive attention to themselves, because they were children in a society that only thought highly of men.

Abigail instigates most of the drama caused in the play. Abigail’s flaws lust, jealousy, and immaturity which held Abigail responsible for the witch-hunt in Salem.

Abigail had many flaws, one of them being lust. Abigail had an affair with a local farmer, named John Proctor who was married to Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail showed examples of her being lustful when she said, ‘John I am waitin for you every night.

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’ (Miller 23) She told John this to let him know that she is always thinking of him.

This is lust, because John is a married man and it suggests that the two of them have something going on. Abigail also displayed lust when she said, ‘I know how you clutched my back behind your house and sweated like a stallion when I came near!’ (Miller 23). This confirms that they had sexual relations at one point.

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