The Rumors In Society

In modern-day society we know that rumors are spread on an everyday basis. Some rumors are true and some are false. Rumors are spread very easily. Most rumors start off to be true but after being passed around from person to person, information gets changed and the rumor becomes false or totally different from what was first said. In The Crucible things seem to be the same. Every rumor said is believed and accuse innocent people of doing something they didn’t do.

Rumors in society show us that we need to consider the ways in which they can effect and change our judgment on others.

In the Crucible, Miller shows us, the readers, how one little rumor can impact a society and/or person greatly. The start of a rumor can destroy something so quickly. People feared for their lives once a rumor was spread about them. The world would be such a easier place if everyone minded their own business and didn’t have to gossip.

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A great lesson taught throughout the Crucible is, don’t spread information without knowing the truth. Miller tells his readers: This predilection for minding other people’s business was time-honored among the people of Salem, and it undoubtedly created many of the of the suspicions which were to feed the coming madness.

For those who are impacted by gossip, it can be impossible to ignore. Especially if social media is being used to spread it. One of the article states that “…the growth of the Internet is driven by the urge to besmirch other people’s reputations” .

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This goes to show how much of a great impact social media has on the way rumors are spread. With social media rumors can be spread so much easier and quicker. Just one click and the information is out there. Just one post on any social media ruins a person’s reputation, fast and easy.

Gossip and rumors is something that happens very often. It happens to hurt people’s feelings intentionally or unintentionally. Rumors are just people talking about someone else’s life with saying things that are either true or false. But people often tend to believe it no matter what the case is. Rumors and gossip play a great role in both society and the Crucible. Rumors takeover many people’s lives. In the Crucible many people are being accused of witchcraft since people are gossiping about others. “I will not give you no name. I mentioned my wife’s name once and I’ll burn in hell long enough for that. I stand mute”. The rumors in society caused a great panic and many started to turn on others. It states in a article that “The spread of rumor only caused the people to panic”. This goes to prove that people only tend to panic and assume the worse once a rumor is spread.

Miller uses rumors in society a great amount in order to drive the plot of the play. Rumors play a great role by involving many individuals. The rumors that were spread often resulted in people being killed but in todays society it is the oppiste. Rumors today sometimes make people take their own lives. For example, rumors and gossip can affect a persons self-confidence and self-esteem. These two things can lead to much more serious things. Rumors ruin peoples reputations.

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