“The Rookie Arrives” by Thomas J. Dygard Essay

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“The Rookie Arrives” by Thomas J. Dygard

To be successful will take a lot of hard work and practice people that are successful do not happen overnight. In the story The Rookie Arrives, the protagonist Ted Bell has his dream come true when he plays for a major league baseball team. He demonstrates that no one would stop him from achieving his. Ted keeps his head up even when things aren’t the way he would like it and when his parents want him to go back to school. The qualities necessary to be successful are passion, family and team support and perseverance.

Passion is a powerful emotion towards something. Ted Bell has a great amount of passion for the game baseball. There was a time when Ted could not hit anything and he had gone in to a slump for fifteen games. Ted did not hang his head and kept on working through it with the help of his teammates. One of Ted’s teammate on the Kansas City Royals said to him “I knew it when you went to work on that slump, instead of acting like a crybaby.” This is when Ted had just won the starting third baseman spot on his team. It showed that his teammates appreciated that he worked hard and showed a lot of love for the game. Most people when they are in the situation that Ted was in would not have reacted the way he did.

Most people would have stopped playing and just give up. Ted shows passion in many ways but another one was the practice that he put in. Ted Bell wanted to get better and he did this by putting countless hours in the park practicing his swing and catching the ball. Ted said “I remember being around the age of seven and practically living at the park, playing baseball from then on I knew what I wanted to do.” This shows that Ted had his mind set on what he wanted to do, even if his parents didn’t want him to have a career in major league baseball. Ted did not listen and just kept on working as hard as he could and it eventually led to success.

People are rarely successful on their own. To be successful people can usually count on family or teammates to help them through hard times and get advice from them. This is showed in the story when Ted meets his teammate Cal. Cal is very nice to Ted and helps him to learn a lot about the major leagues and what he will need to do to be successful Ted could not imagine being on the Royals without his friend Cal. He found it difficult to imagine
life with the Royals without Cal’s advice and friendship, without his smile and wink. When Ted was sent to a new team he knew no one. It is hard to play on a team when you don’t have anyone cheering for you or giving you motivation. Ted Bell was lucky and got the help from the experienced Cal who was a veteran pitcher.

When Ted came to the Royals he was not playing that much because he was a rookie and no one knew what he was capable of. Ted was starting to feel angry and frustrated all he wanted was a chance to play and he wasn’t getting it. Right when Ted was about to quit and head back to his hometown Ted’s Mom called, “Ted I know you haven’t been playing, but if you can just hang in there and I bet something would happen and you will be able to show the world how great my son is.” These words really gave chance that extra motivation and it turned out the third baseman had gotten injured, he will be out for a month and Ted Bell will finally be playing for the Kansas City Royals. With the help of his Mom and Cal Ted was able to hang in there and it turned out to be the greatest success in his life. He shocked the whole world with his ability to play and the Royals will never play the same again.

Perseverance is putting your mind to something and just having the determination to go after it.

(Have To Finish)In conclusion, to be successful you need to have passion, family and team support and perseverance. All these qualities make up an honorable person and one which people would admire. Ted Bell has shown all of these qualities and proved that with these qualities you can be successful. Ted showed that even if people do not believe in you, believe in yourself and you will achieve your goals and dreams.

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