The Romantic Era Essay

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The Romantic Era

The basic notion behind the music belonging to the Romantic Era was its deep and realistic impact on the audience’s heart and mind. Such was the popularity of Romanticism amongst musicians that a certain number of them created their own unique templates. Along with the progressing popularity of the German lieder, newly introduced instrumental styles like overtures and symphonic poems also gained heat (Kirby, 1990). Classical music in this era prospered and rose to such a high notch that it is absolutely essential to state that some of music’s most magnificent works were created during this period.

Legendary music composers including Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, and Schumann, have made priceless contributions to the romantic classical music. For example, Beethoven composed his later works in this period while Schubert composed a vast number of lieder, symphonies, chamber music, and piano solos. Furthermore, Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner also attained popularity in the mid 19th century on behalf of their sophisticated compositions.

Liszt produced some extraordinary music for piano while Wagner combined the various forms of arts into his mythological musicals (Kirby, 1990). In the late 19th century, composers performed diverse experimentations on their works. For instance, Anton Bruckner had a tinge of both religion and secularism in his symphonies; Johannes Brahms found himself in Classicism; Giuseppe Verdi was responsible for some of the greatest operas of all time; Gustav Mahler composed for a full orchestra; and Richard Strauss made his name in symphonic poems and operas.

Moreover, this era was also famous for its nationalistic characteristics. Musicians in the north and east side of Europe took the initiative to include a patriotic element in their compositions. Their basic inspiration for this matter was their local folk songs and dances. The renowned Russian composer, Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky was a significant figure of this category and is attributed for his nationalistic approach (Kirby,1990).

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