The Role Reachers and Parents in Academic Success of the Students

A student needs a supportive and positive environment for fruitful learning which includes quality instructions, guidance, motivation and practical knowledge. The involvement of the stakeholders in the education of children has now gone beyond the walls of the school building and educators to the parents and families. Many families are faced with overwhelming and unpredictable schedules and circumstances while juggling school, sports, family situations, family time, work schedules, and other responsibilities, allowing minimal time to provide support in any one given area (Swap, 1993).

The topic of Parental involvement has gone far with numerous researches, studies and theories, but still there is a major concern of- what leads to and constitute effective parental involvement in a student’s academic process. Parents, teachers, schools and community members have different views on how they can contribute to the educational success of the students and which practices can be helpful and effective in this process.

So the purpose of the study mainly is to find if the involvement of parents is co-related with the academic growth of the children, which can be answered by a series of questions What is parental involvement in education? Why is parental involvement needed? Is parental involvement in education related to student’s academic success? What are the factors that are to be taken care of by parents to have effective involvement? What are the barriers in parental involvement?

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The Role Reachers and Parents in Academic Success of the Students

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