The role, purpose and responsibilities of a chosen uniformed public service army Essay

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The role, purpose and responsibilities of a chosen uniformed public service army

Having respect for one another in the army is an advantage as it boosts thoughtfulness, demands decency, and recognizes the value of everyone Respect is the root source for people living in harmony and being consideration toward others. Respecting one another shows that you have put aside your differences such as race, color, sexuality and religion. Respect is earned and isn’t given. In order to gain someone respect you must show them a positive character. Being able to be loyalty is a main attribute as in the battle field you will need to have each other’s back. For example if one of your men has injured them self you will need to make him priority and stop fighting and put attention on him, because his life is more important than fighting with opponent. Being loyal also means not to turn your back in one of your team mates will they need your help. For example if your team mates have not got his army shoes you could maybe lead him some so that you both are able to work on the front line.

Also if you team mate has ran out of bullets supplying him with extras that you may have is involved in loyalty. Courage I feel is a key skill for a solider, you will need to be able to face tough situation and know how to deal with them using the appropriate action. Courage will be need to overcome tough, painful and difficult circumstances. Courage is fear holding on a minute longer” -Gen. George Patton- 09/10/12 The role of the army is to protect the country. The army’s main reasonability is to look out for the citizens that live in the United Kingdom and ensure their safety. They will have to protect them from terrorism and wars. These people are highly trained individuals who have over gone a series of test physically, mental and social side of it in order to get in the army. Everyone who joins the army’s needs to have good fitness whether they are applying for the cook’s role or the front line as everyone in the army are soldiers first Secondly they have a responsibility towards the United Nations, European Union and the NATO.

These larger scaled organizations are formed in order to promote peace, safety and protection to the different countries part of the organization. Part of being in these different organizations they United Kingdom have committed to send any sorts of military equipment or troops when and where needed. The troops who are called from different countries come together in the needed country in order to help their army out in what where they need. Such as help to patrol, help to stabilize the army, use the different equipment and to create a effective and efficient team Furthermore the United Kingdom’s army may go into different countries to help them. Our British army is currently in Iran. They are there in order to teach them how to govern the country. Help them by stabilizing their army and economy. Teaching them the basics of discipline so that they benefits and enforce this in their country.

However some countries dislike this as they feel that the British troop are interfering with their country and feel they taking over. On the other hand some people feel it is beneficial as it helps them become independent and are able to stand alone. The army also steps in in major incidents. When the London 7/7 took place all the emergency services and the army came together so that they were able to calm the public and get everything back on track as soon as possible.

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