The Role of Video Analysis in Sports

How would modern sport be without technology? Technology has a huge impact in modern sport and it helps spectators to enjoy the game but the only disadvantage about it is that it slows down the speed of the game. (Robert Wood, 2008). “Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and process used in the production of goods and services.” (Liddle, Henry George, Scott, Robert, 1980). In my essay I will be discussing the use of video analysis in sport.

Video motion analysis is a technique used examine moving objects using a video, example replaying game.

A high-speed camera and computer that has software allowing “frame-by-frame” replay of the video is involved in the motion analysis. (Payton, Car J, 2008).

The rugby union uses video analysis as a research tool to give description of the match performance. Video analysis differs from “broad statical studies of commercial databases” to “in-depth case-studies” of different rugby games (den Hallander, Jones, Lambert and Hendrick, 2018). The aim is to reduce the amount of injuries that players encounter and also better the performance in rugby by analysing the match video footage in order to identify the player and action.

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(Mellalieu S, Trewarth G, Stokes K,2008: 791-4)

Video analysis improves communication in sport. The Social Science Research Network shows that round about 65% of player are not good listeners meaning that they can’t just listen to the coach and understand what the coach was/is trying to say and that has proven that a lot of players are visual learners, meaning that they only understand what is being taught through seeing it.

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Video analysis comes with many things that the team and coach could find beneficial to them and use it to their advantage and be able to study the game and improve their mistakes, this is because they are able to rewind the video and play it on slow motion and also identify what may be the cause of injuries and how it could be prevented, and also teaches players on how to tackles it opponents and keeping them away from the ball and scoring. (Alex Pedicini, 2014).

As any technology the video analysis has its own disadvantage that are against it purpose. Some rugby leagues use drone cameras to capture the videos of the game and some matches that they host. On of the disadvantage is that the camera can take videos from a “bird’s-eye view” of which can make things seem very small and people won’t be able to what’s happening on the field. And also, another thing is that it has a limited amount of batteries available meaning that it doesn’t allow people to take full video of the game because they might run out off them and they are hard to find. (Nacsport, 2018)

Most rugby league film very session the rugby season. When the weather condition is pretty good then a “phantom 4 drone” is used and when the weather condition is poor a “video cameraon portable scaffold”. The video is converted into a smaller size that is within 10 minutes after the season has ended and after each practice the coach has a duty to go back and analyse the practice that they just had to see the mistakes that occurred during practice before they give feedback. The coaches use “Nacsport software” for their review. (Nacsport, 2017).

The video analysis plays a huge role in the sport industry besides from rugby because it used in various of sports. And also it helps in communication in a way that the coaches can address what the problem and find solution on how to overcome the problem, it makes the game interesting to watch because the viewers are aware of what is happening and understand the rules of the game better.

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