The Role of the Media Essay

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The Role of the Media

The media, means of communication is a wide root of information and entertainment across the world. The various impressions it leaves upon the human mind, the views and ideas it may end us propagating do affect the people’s lifestyles, their way of thinking and even being.

The media today encompasses newspaper, magazines, periodicals, books, radio, television, cinema, the internet, the world wide web, e-mail, fax, etc. Although the use of internet and e-mail seems to be recent phenomenon yet the other media has coexisted with it since its inception. In the Indian context, a skillful synthesis between traditional and folk forms of communication on the one hand and the modern print and audio-visual media including satellite communication on the other hand, is being tried out.

Even though electronic media scores over the print media, the later still holds its ground. The media has the ability to penetrate the remotest part of the earth and can make us feel its presence everywhere. The CNN’s coverage of the Operation Desert Storm, the US-led war to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi occupation in 1991, demonstrated the extensive reach of the electronics media. The media coverage of various natural disasters, terrorist strikes and the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq are other example.

The print media enjoys great readership. The advent of the electronic media has never threatened its existence. Some of the journalists, in fact, enjoy great fan-following and are respected for their work. Indians from the literacy circles have got the Nobel Prize, the Man Booker Prize and have won the other accolades. Some people think that the banning of books like ‘The Satanic Verses’, by Salman Rushdie, ‘Lajja ’ by Taslima Nasreen may throttle the freedom of expression.

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