The role of the health and social care worker Essay

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The role of the health and social care worker

A working relationship is different from a personal relationship because a working relationship is more professional; there are boundaries, specific objectives and purposes. There are professional codes of conduct, employer policies and procedures also there are time limits and being in some cases cone way relationship.

The three collages for whom I work with and there job roles are activity staff, care staff and music therapy staff. I communicate with these collages and work together to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of service users and care staff. I also have a good communicating relationship with these.

Giving the policies; and procedures and communicating in partnership.

It is important to work in partnership together in the health care to achieve the best outcomes for the individuals and its also important because collages have all different working skills, knowledge and rolls, Partnership also to share discussions and making information relation in common concern.

Task B Reflective account

I was with a collage in work with a member of care staff. I was going to hoist and transfer a service user, using a hoist. My collage wanted to go on break, and had an idea that would be quicker than using a hoist and using the correct method appropriately and safely. My collage wanted to lift the service user up from there wheelchair and transfer them onto a bed, but I was totally against this. I did not consider, to use this type of method of transfer, as I felt that I would injure, myself, the service user and my collage. And risk the possibility of loosing my job and loosing someone’s life.

This incident involved conflict between my working collage because I did not want to go through with it, and work in an unsafe manner. I went to my line manager and said about this situation. I had to report this by filling in an incident form. I did not get the support at the right time, as my manger was not present. I think that I dealt with this incident effective and professionally and maintain a good level of care to the service user. I could have responded differently by not being professional and keeping my working relationship, but I had to because this was a work related incident.

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