The role of the early year’s practitioner

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Describe the role of the early year’s practitioner in relation to current frameworks? In this assessment task I am going to describe the role of the early year’s practitioner in relation to current framework. The role of the early year’s practitioner to follow current frameworks: EYFS-(Early year’s foundation stage)

The early year’s foundation stage been in place since 2008. It sets all of the things that all early years providers must meet. This is for maintained schools and non-maintained school.

The early year’s foundation stage is set out into assessments which tells you about the child’s progress which this done through the early year’s foundation stage. There are levels that a child should reach when they are at the age of 5, which is normally at the end of reception, these are commonly known as the early year goals.

This gives the professionals some guidance on planning activities, so that the children can reach their early year goals. The early year’s practioner uses the development matters, this helps the practioner planning learning activities observation and the assessment of what children are learning and how they are developing.

Observe, assess and plan

It’s very important that the practitioners observe the children first, because by observing the children the practitioner’s will find out what the children’s interests are. For example the early year’s practitioner by find out that the children like car’s or dinosaurs so the practitioner will plan an activity around the child’s interests.

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When the practitioners are planning they always have the child’s interests in mind, so if some of the children liked painting there lesson would involve the children painting. The practitioners must access the children’s learning by playing with them so you know what the children is good at and not so good at.

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