The Role of School and Teachers in Student`s Success

I would name my school, “Future University”. The reason behind the name is self-explanatory in the sense that this school is to support students and guide them for their future, because kids are the future. The schools’ colors would be orange and black. To me orange expresses energy, warmth, and is a vibrant color whereas black expresses power, elegance, and is a deep soothing color. The mascot for my perfect school would be a tiger. The reason why I believe that a tiger would be the best mascot is because tiger’s are known for being fierce, powerful and intelligent creatures.

Tiger’s are very loyal and protect and defend their loved/weaker ones from attacks. The mascot should play as a symbol for the students; an everyday reminder to be strong, to not be afraid to make their voice heard, and to overcome any challenge they may face. This being said, it doesn’t mean to act violent or tough all the time, but rather act kindly to others and stand up and fight for things that the students feel aren’t right or unfair.

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If I could build a perfect school I would offer as many majors possible with brilliant professors who are passionate to teach and students eager to learn what they dream about. I wouldn’t just prioritize STEM majors but also art majors (i.e. theater/acting, dancing, singing, artists, etc). I would ensure that Future University would be a welcoming campus which does not tolerate hatred in any shape, way, or form.

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Any accusations of such would be dealt with immediately because we want all of our students to feel safe and be comfortable in their own skin and with who they are/choose to be (i.e. no place for bullying, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc). Future University will also have different cultures major holidays/religious absences excused for students. There would not be any type of assault (i.e. sexual) or harassment, if there is then the said student would have to be suspended while the school conducts a full investigation. That being said, if an accusation is proved wrong then the accuser will be suspended or expelled from the university depending on how the person accused feels. The university will also offer counselors to students and have destress zones around campus opened 24/7 with someone there to talk to/help them. Along with what any major university might have, Future University offers gyms (coed, females, and males), swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), dance studio, theater, art studio, ice rink, football stadium, soccer field, basketball courts, etc. These places will be used for the majors but are open for students to use if there are no classes.

Compared to Gwinnett Technical College (GTC), the school I attend now, it would have some similarities but also differ in certain aspects. A similarity that GTC and Future University would have is that students will be graded. Future University have the same grading criteria as GTC where 100-90 is an A, 89-80 is a B, 79-70 is a C, and so on. However, a difference is that, how hard a student works and their determination in each course will also be counted for and apart of their final grade. I believe that numbers are important, but not important to the extent where some students feel like they their lives depend on it. Some students have a harder time learning and may take some more time so some professors might allow students to turn in assignments late or redo a paper, just like GTC. Future University would also offer online courses because sometimes students are busy juggling their personal lives and don’t have enough time to be on campus to take classes so online courses would be a relief to them. However a downside to online courses is sometimes students don’t tend to study material in depth because they don’t have to meet up with their teachers face-to-face. If students struggle with an online course, they will be required to meet with their professor to talk about what material they don’t understand and their grades and how to boost them, if possible.

The sole purpose of my school is to help students find what they’re passionate about and guide them to achieve their dreams. We want students to excel in their majors so they can have a bright future, by being successful in the “real world”. We plan to achieve this by offering advisors, mentors, and motivators for the students in each major offered. The advisors will meet with the students and offer advice on what classes to take next and also assign students to mandatory tutoring if the student is close to failing. The mentors and motivators for students should be people the students can talk to and relate to if they have any burdens they want to share or need a little encouragement. But we also want students to have experience in the jobs they want so we offer internships and shadow programs to as many jobs in the majors offered. By having all these resources, I believe students will be able to thrive and be ready for the “real world”.

Teachers are a vital part in what makes a student successful, they have to teach in a way which the student understands the material and retains the information. There are always those teachers that leave/have a big impact or influence on their students and I believe that because of these types of teachers are why students are more motivated to take on the real world. Moreover, I understand that Future University would be very expensive to build because of all the majors offered and programs/teachers provided, but if I had to build a perfect school money would not be an issue.

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