The Role of Power and Government for the Ruled and Rulers

In the world, there are the rulers and the ruled since the beginning. Those rulers all have something in common power. What is power by definition? It is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. These people who influence have made a system in which they have support on making decisions for the people they rule over which is a government. The government is a direct connection to the power that the ruler has.

The following texts show how power and government not only play a big role on the ruled and the ruler.

In the Ideas live Benazir Bhutto believes the power is going to go toward those who take their personal education seriously. She says, “In our times an individual’s education, intelligence, and wisdom creates cumulatively the wealth of a nation” (Bhutto, 1). Her article refers to power as knowledge, not the traditional form of the economic stator. Similar to what was stated before government plays a part in the power.

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For Bhutto, the government right now is not doing a great job because they have let this big gap between the people. She says, “We are witnessing a new divide between the advantaged global citizen and the disadvantaged local citizen” (Bhutto, 1). That is how the government is seen.

In Julius Caesar he thinks with him in power he will stop corruption. Unfortunately, others find that he is the corruption or will cause more corruption. With that attitude, those how would have been ruled over are trying to overtake the power of Julius Caesar.

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There was not a solid government to give him support or protection.

Overall these pieces of work show two extremely different points in time of how power affects people and how governments can lack or enable the ruled. In both, these governments are not the best but nothing is perfect. The government Bhutto refers to is sadly similar to the government we have today compared to the one Shakespeare has in Julius Caesar. I overall believe that both of these texts have pretty horrible power struggles and government corruption.

Write an expository essay that describes how “Ideas Live On,” Benazir Bhutto, and The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare, explore the central ideas of power and the responsibility of government. Support your claim with evidence and reasoning using BOTH texts.

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