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The Role of Organizing In Critical Thinking Essay

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The Role of Organizing In Critical Thinking

The critical thinking process involves the origins of orders, nature and mental orders, steps in organizing, and using orders. These are essential in understanding the role of organizing the critical thinking process. Understanding how the critical thinking process works could help one to understand how to use these strategies to their advantage.

To understand the origin of order we must understand the complexity of our brains. Each brain acts differently in the way we interpret, analyze, store and retrieve information. It is this process that makes our critical thinking process unique.

Part of critical thinking involves the natural orders. The natural orders are broken down into four different categories. These categories are topical order, analogical order, chronological order, and causal order. Topical order is the natural order of the universe. Analogical is the ability to recognize similarities in objects. Chronological order is the observations that we could analyze and interpret. Casual order is when we make an observation of an event that happened, we analyze and assign reason to the event that took place.

Mental orders of the critical thinking process could be a logical or arbitrary process. These thinking processes help to achieve an understanding of how to plan and think critically. Logical thinking involves understanding the procedural aspects while arbitrary thinking is arranged. Mental orders are integral part of the critical thinking process that must not be overlooked.

In order to effectively use the critical thinking process, it is essential to understand the logical process involved. Critical thinking involves organizing thoughts into categories.

This process could be explained in three specific categories of clustering, analyzing and prioritizing. Clustering involves taking specific information and being able to assign it into different groups and catogories. Analyzing is being able to take the data and determine where and what needs to be placed together or eliminated. Prioritizing involves having the ability to place the information collected in the order it belongs.

Once we have done the necessary steps and procedures, we could begin the process of using the orders. Critical thinking is a process that involves many different procedures to deduce a logical outcome when possible. It takes understanding and procedural steps that need to be applied to thoroughly understand the process.

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