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The role of music in your life

Categories: Music

Music connects us to time and place. For instance, many of us may remember a song that comforted us during a difficult time or what was playing during a happy occasion like a graduation or engagement. Despite our varying tastes, the one constant is that music plays a role in times of comfort and celebration. This week’s project asks you to consider what songs are important to you and why. You can think of this as defining the soundtrack of your own life.

In 750-1000 words, consider and explain the role of music in your life story: 1. What music do you associate with childhood? How did/does this music make you feel? How do your choices reflect your childhood experiences? 2. What music do you associate with adolescence? Was this music a way to fit in or rebel? 3. What music do you associate with comfort? How do these songs help you deal with disappointment or stress? 4. What music do you associate with happiness? Why?

Your essay should be double-spaced and include a title page in APA format.

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The title page does not count in the word count for the project.

Submitting Your Assignment

Put your project in a Word document. Save it in a location and with a name that you will remember. When you are ready to submit it, click on the Dropbox and complete the steps below: • Click the link that says Submit an Assignment.

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