The Role of Music in My Community

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Whether you like Frank Sinatra, Kenny Chesney, or Too Short, music is a way to bring people together. In my community, and in the world, music plays an immense role. It plays everywhere, no matter where you go. It is a way of self-expression, and in my community, it is a way of life. Music is a way of self-expression. There are so many different genres and types of music, and so many artists within each genre, that no two people’s musical taste can ever be exactly identical, People are able to express themselves through musical composition, and even though the type of music that they listen to.

Some people may think that a certain type of music reflects their outlook on life, or the way they are feeling in a particular moment This type of expression is critical in modern society to keep individuality alive. Another role played by music is that it is the background noise to life.

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Think about how strange it would be to go to the mall and be shopping in dead silence. Almost every aspect of life is made a little better by music.

Another entertainment role played by music is the opportunity to hear it live, in concert. This is an entertaining activity that many people do on a regular basis. Not only is music entertaining, it‘s also a hobby! In Oakland in particular, music is huge. Not only does music define the history of the area, it is also an ongoing cultural aspect that left a huge mark on the city.

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in the 1990s, but Oakland was also home to a type of rap music known as the Hyphy Movement. Artists such as Mac Dre produced a new type of “go stupid” rap music designed for clubs. 30 years later, this movement is still alive and shaping the culture of Oakland. Overall, it is safe to say that life wouldn’t be the way that it is without music, Music brings people together and allows them to express themselves, allows for individuality, and even has the power to shape communities and cultures around a certain type of music.

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