The Role of Language Essay

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The Role of Language

Language is innovative. It develops every time. All of us use it in different ways. Language has roles for our primary necessity. The roles can be seen in two areas, in social environment and education. First, we can use language in social environment. The language is used for communication. We use language as a device to get a good communication. Language make us easy to communicate each other. For example, when we want to give some ideas, we can use language to show it. The other role in social area is that we can use language as a link to show our personality. Other people will know our personality when we are talking to them. According someone’s blog named ‘abroad language’ said that language serves in the development of a society in the subsequent ways. First, it is a means of social tool for communication which is critical for anyone who want to network socially with the society. Second, through using language, no one can understand with nature if without language. By means of language, a person may capable to receive and comprehend his purpose of life.

Third, language assists people understand the world’s culture and life styles as well active in other societies. Language is also the answer to share one’s feelings, emotions, ideas, and beliefs with other people, and that helps you gain knowledge, and language is functional to any significant aspect of social structure. Its function is probably to have a distinguishing linguistic to corresponding person. So people belong to poles apart social classes in special social roles, as well as carrying on different occupations greatly affects the feature of language. Based on article uploaded by Seema said that language plays a vital role in society transformation. The language can serve in the following ways: first, language is a mean of communication, a kind of social tool that is used for interacting with others in a human society to deliver a message. Second,language is important to understand nature and its behaviour.

Third, the written and spoken records of history helped the following generations to understand the living patterns of mankind. Beside that, language helps to understand the culture and life styles of other societies. Furthermore, language has some roles in education. By using language, we can deliver many knowledges. If we understand some languages, we will know some knowledges in different areas. Another role is that we can get high education by language. Some people who master some languages can get some information about scholarship easily. By that information, they can get higher education free of charge. Based on article uploaded in, Vygotsky (1978) writes that “…children solve practical tasks with the help of their speech, as well as their eyes and hands” (p. 26).

In Vygotsky’s view, speech is an extension of intelligence and thought, a way to interact with one’s environment beyond physical limitations. Vygotsky also “viewed intelligence as the capacity to benefit from instruction, with language having a powerful developmental role” (Spencer, 1988, p. 170). In this sense, language is a tool for learning and an aid to understanding. We can conclude that in the educational context, language is important for comprehension and making use of knowledge.

In Seema’s article uploaded in, written that language is knowledge and learning new languages increases intelectual status of mind and the brain efficiency could be improved with the aid of new languages. One of the famous man in history said “By learning anyone`s language you actually conquered half of his land” In conclusion, language serves big important role for us. By using our language we’ll be a people with our personality and guide us to interact with others. Language helps us to understand some knowledge.

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