The Role of Business Communication Essay

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The Role of Business Communication

The role of business communication to the profitability of the organization Communication is an integral part of an organization. Communication is required not only for good human relations but also for a successful business. Communication seeks to fulfill the basic functions such as to inform, to persuade and to promote goodwill. Communication involves sharing information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organization. Therefore just giving directives without expecting a response is naive as it requires the attachment of some meaning to the message sent or received. In a large organization communicating effectively still proves to be a difficult task as communication sometimes takes place over a number of channels and so retaining the basic meaning is literally challenging.

Communication seeks to inform individuals so that they are more aware of what is necessary in order to perform a task or to function within the organization. Information such as work ethics, production, benefits, safety regulations and training are just some of the things that employees are informed of maintain successful operation of the organizations. This will also help in the decision making process as employees will act on the best information available to them.

Likewise, communication helps in persuading individuals to perform at a level that they would not ordinarily do. Managers often use open communication to influence others to perform the tasks required to achieve organizational goals. This open communication allows individuals to freely share mutual experiences, preferences, likes and dislikes. It also enables managers to create a climate for motivation, that is, a manager’s ability to influence the desired behaviour for performance depends on his ability to effectively communicate with his direct reports and staff at all levels. Communication also enables people to learn how they are doing at their jobs and how performance is being measured, as this is the heart of employee performance appraisals.

Communication is necessary to attain managerial function. One such function is promoting good will. Many companies dedicate a whole department for this purpose while others just has one individual. Companies tend to be vigilant this area due to the tax benefits as well as a means of advertising as this goodwill helps in protecting their corporate image. By doing so they advertise a lot, give a way grant, gifts and other benefits to needy persons and shelters in and around their communities as well as on a national scale. For example Bank of Nova Scotia, Sandals and Courts just to name a few.

Many managers have come to realize that having an open and effective communication can help in accomplishing organizational goals and objectives. Employees who are properly informed and are able to express themselves without having to go through the chain of command will be more motivated to produce. Both organizational and personal goals can be achieved.

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