The Role and Responsibilities of a Teacher Essay

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The Role and Responsibilities of a Teacher

A teacher has many responsibilities as part of their role such as: effective record keeping like attendance records, student information, interviews and tutorials. A teacher has the responsibility to prepare teaching materials, lesson plans and delivery of lessons and a safe positive learning experience/environment to learners. A teacher will undertake initial assessments, review meetings and one to one tutorials to assess progress, give constructive feedback and address any additional support needs the student has. A teacher has a responsibility of care to ensure students’ learning needs are met and to mark work. A teacher has a responsibility to treat each student equally and fairly and act and communicate appropriately at all times (Gravells, 2008, p.10)

These responsibilities inform my practice as a Job Trainer within my current teaching role. I work with students aged 16 -25 with learning disabilities. I have a duty to ensure effective record keeping not only for means of recording progress and attendance but also in regards to my duty to safeguard the welfare of the young adults I work with. I teach ASDAN Entry Level 2 and 3 Employability and Personal Social Development. We also provide one to one support, teaching support in a work environment and support to help students become independent travellers which can be a barrier to employment for some young people.

The barriers a teacher may face can be barriers from students themselves like behaviour, poor attendance, needing support with childcare or travel, students not being given guidance on what financial support is available to them and lack of confidence from previous learning experiences (Gravells, 2008, p. 16 & 17). All of these barriers are easy to overcome with effective communication and building a professional relationship. Being able to put students at ease, giving reassurance and listening, trying to address their needs and referring them on to the right person or organisation that can offer the individual support they require.

To help students overcome barriers to learning, support could come from a learning mentor, literacy and numeracy support, benefits advice or counselling support. Other barriers may be a lack of confidence, resources and funding. All of which can impact upon being able to deliver teaching in the best possible environment, teachers may face cultural or language barriers or find it difficult to manage students with mixed abilities amongst the class (Gravells, 2008, p.16 & 17). That point alone shows the importance of initial assessment of students’ skills and knowledge to ensure the right path of learning for them.

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